Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Sasha get ready in the lift with her tools

Sasha said she is a duck swimming in the pool, haha..:)

Sasha learning to swimMy maid is teaching Sasha how to swim

Today DH went outstation and called back to inform that he will not be back for dinner. So I asked my maid not to cook coz only Sasha, my maid and me having dinner only. Since my maid no need to cook dinner, I asked her to bring Sasha to swim at out Apartment pool.

I went down together too but I didn't swim coz as you know I'm preggy, very heavy la, furthermore I don't know how to swim. Soak inside can la...haha :) I brought my camera to snap some pics for Sasha.


Rice with grill chicken, vegetables and fish ball cut into pieces
Bento Set & Miso Beancurd Soap for Sasha Dinner

Sasha enjoying her bento dinner after her swimming

My 2nd Bento creations that LZmommy wanted to see, I really paiseh. Haha..:) My bento is so simple coz this Sasha's mommy is very lazy la...


I just came back from S'pore shopping trip, I managed to buy some Hello Kitty & Friends Lunch Boxes at Isetan. Beside that I have asked my cousin to help me buy some bento accessories such as food separator, dish cup, mould and more from Hong Kong coz she went there last week.

I have imported some new bento accessories from Japan that coming soon this week too. That will be selling at my online store.


Hello Kitty Cooler Bag, HK Shower Curtain, Hello Kitty & Friends Tumblers & Cup

Nike Shoes, HK & Sesame Socks for Sasha and Oshkosh shoes with sesame socks for 2nd bb

HK Letters Holder and My Melody Plastic Book Cover for Sasha

Oshkosh Blouse & Pant and My Melody Panties for Sasha

My Melody Backpack and Lunch Bag For Sasha go to Pre-school

Hello Kitty Candies and Cookies

Hello Kitty Cans & Tins For Sasha to keep her tiny stuff

Hello Kitty & Friends Lunch Boxes & Cups

Pinkie Lunch Boxes

Last friday I went to S'pore with my sis and we stayed there for one night only. I managed to buy a lot of things for Sasha and my no.2 baby, haha..:) My sis said I really a Hello Kitty shopaholic and spent $ like mad liao...

My intention to go there are visiting Motherhood Exhibition at S'pore Expo. When I reached there on Friday morning around 11am, we went for brunch at Bugis Junction Food Court. After our brunch, I took MRT to S'pore Expo and my sis took a cab to Orchard Road shopping.

It quite a long journey taking MRT to Expo, as you know I'm preggy and I brought along a soft luggage with trolley coz I need it to keep those stufff when I have buy anything. Luckily around the last 2 stop I have a seat to sit coz is tiring standing for too long inside the MRT. When I reached Motherhood Exhibition Hall, there are not many nice things to see as I thought off. A lot of booth participated are not relevant for this show, such as car seller and banker promoting credit cards. They are so pushy and keep on following me when I have told them that I'm not interested.

After the show, I took the MRT back to Orchard Road to meet up with my sis. These journey is even longer time coz I have to stop at Tanah Merah, interchange to City Hall and go to Orchard Road. I was standing almost 8 stops only I have a seat, damn tiring... I noticed that when I go and back in the MRT, all the time is S'porean men are more caring and helpful. They will let you have the seat when they saw you are pregnant or if you are an old person or a mother carrying a kid.

When I reached Orchard Road, I walked thru the subway to Shaw Parade where Isetan was located inside. I had my tea break at Mos Burger while waiting for my sis to come. Then after our tea, we went into Isetan to shop. I bought a lot stuff but didn't buy any Hello Kitty stuff from there. After there we went to Wisma Atria to shop, and we met our god brother with his family there. We are so close to him coz he was taking care by my mom during he is newborn baby and he is staying few houses next to my parent house too.

Better cut short my trip itinerary, I actually went back to Isetan, Orchard Road to buy Hello Kitty stuff for Sasha on the next day. My sis went to Bugis Shopping Centre to walk. So we can shop for our own stuff by saving a lot of times coz we don't need to wait for each other.

I bought a lot of Hello Kitty & Friends stuff from Hello Kitty boutique at Isetan, S'pore. I spent for My Melody backpack, drawstring lunch bags, Hello Kitty cooler bag, Lunch boxes and more.