Saturday, January 31, 2009


We went back to my parent home on Chinese New Year 1st Day, we have our late lunch and then we went out again to my Godmom and Aunty House. It was tiring for 2 kiddos and me too.. coz travel from one house to another.

2nd & 3rd days of CNY we hangaround at my parent home only, DH play mahjong with my dad and uncle. All women gossiping there only...hahaha

4th, 5th & 6th days of CNY we stayed at home coz lil Myra having mild fever after her jab and Sasha still having cough and flu during this CNY. My new cambodian maid was sent to my parent house due to she has flu, I don't want her here to pass the virus to my lil Myra.. so I take my old maid back from my parent house to work here.

We spent these 3days at home, DH took some pics while I'm carrying Lil Myra and Sasha was playing with her lil sis.


We went back to my parent house to celeb CNY Eve dinner. DH bought a lot of fire crackers for Sasha to play. The day not dark, Sasha already pastering me to let her burn the fire crackers. I asked my maid to play with her, and my niece busy taking pics on her..:)


Sasha & me at Curve

Sasha happily running around the concourse at Curve

Nice deco during CNY at Curve
Sasha running non stop at the deco bridge

Sasha & her Daddy

Vict St. staff gave Sasha a brownie cake and vanilla ice-cream

Sasha, me & DH

Sasha, Myra with their ma ma (DH mom)

My parent with their 3 grandchildren

Happy Family

Sasha with her Popo Birthday

Too busy preparing for CNY, this is a backdated post on Sasha 4yrs old birthday on 20th Jan 2009. We celebrated for her 3times in a row, 1st celebration we celeb early due to Sunday where everyone not working. Sasha celeb with her popo (my mom) where my mom birthday on 22 Jan, 2days later than her , we celeb at my parent home. My eldest sis (Sasha godmom) cooked her famous prawn noodle and we bought Sasha favourite Banana Chocolate cake for both of them. My mom bought her a pizza playdough which she chose herself, my eldest sis bought her a purple crystal pendant necklace, and the rest of the family gave her big angpow..:)

2nd celeb is at her kindy where I ordered Jelly Cake and giveaway party packs to all her classmates. Sasha best friend, Davina bought her a Barbie Doll Ballerina playset. Photo not downloaded yet..

3rd celeb is with me and DH on her actual date, we didn't bring Myra out due to heavy rain that day. I bought her a Ice-Cream playdough set and DH treat her dinner at Vict Station coz her favourite food are escargot and steak. After dinner we went to Baskin Robbin at Curve. We shop around then go for her favourite vanilla and chocolate ice-cream.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Today was quite free coz 2 kiddos slept for few hrs and my current indon maid still around and going home next mth, and new cambodian maid also just came yesterday. Having both maids for 1/2mths, so I have more free time for myself before my current maid goes home.

Currently the new cambodian maid performance is good and luckily she can speak malay. I don't need to buy cambodian language book and use sign language to communicate with her. My indon maid taught her how to do those housework, now she is the boss!!! Hahaha..:) No doubt the cambodian maid can work very fast and clean but we still need to observe her for few mths.

Here some pics of Sasha & Lil Myra that taken by their Daddy..:) Lil Myra was 2 1/2 mths now but she looks quite big on the pic where actually she not that big. We called her MINNIE MOUSE coz she borned in the year of RAT and she looks small size compared Sasha last time.


Contributors List

Computers donated by people

Mr. Praveendran, the person set up the homes.

The children study inside the cabin donated by someone

Ms. Thila the volunteer adminstrator from the Homes. Jenny helping me to pass the cheque to her.

Jenny's daughter, Vivian and her friend Aaron.

Praveendran brother helping at the homes.

Thanks Jenny for helping me to send the used stuff and cheque to Sinthamani Home. I would like to thanks to all my friends and family members for their donations too. Here are some pic to share that taken by Jenny.
Yesterday I have received more used stuff for the kids from my friend Jennifer. I am so happy that more friends called me up that they want to send some stuff to the homes too.


Is a backdated post coz these few weeks was so busy with my newbie Myra. Sasha was ready on her 1st day to kindy. Since I have shifted to Tropicana Indah, I sent her to Kindyland at Tropicana Golf Club. I have surveyed 7 kindies and found out this kindy is the best among all.

Hahaha..:) I'm kiasu mom lol coz done I have so many survey but no choice. I was being a kindy teacher few years back, so I knew the hanky panky behind those kindy. They can tell you how good about their syllabus, their teachers, facilities and etc.. Yet you have to observed and make a comparison when you check out all of them. Eventhough I can't guarantee this is the best for long term, yet the kindy is just 1year established but the syllabus is from US and the environment is clean. The food is cater by the club too, at least not too bad. The most important the kindy is clean then kids seldom falls sick.

Sasha was reluctant to go inside her classroom when on the 1st day coz she saw that all are new friends. Last year she did went to a kindy at my previous home, she attended 3mths there coz I need to shift to here. She asked me why her friends from previous kindy are not here at the new kindy. After talked to her awhile, she has warm up and settled down inside the classroom. She followed her teacher to sing and do coloring.

That's all for now..:)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Leakage Asbestos

Building new toilet
Current toilet at outside

Dorms (Boys & Girls have separate dorm)

Study Area by sitting on the floor

Dining area also sitting on the floor

Main Entrance

Simple Signboard

I came across this Sinthamani Divine Life Ashram Children Orphanage Home @ Jenny blog ( Eventhough I haven't meet Jenny before but I know she is a kind hearted lady.

I hope I can help her to raise some funds to those needy charity homes. Sithamani Home was started by Mr. Praveedran a young and generous man at five years ago. Now the home cater 33 children from aged 1mth old onward, and 14 adults included few single moms and old people. This home was so run down with the toilet built outside and those children sleep in a large dorms concept. Overall building was built using woods and asbestos only.

If you have unused items such as baby and children products, adult clothings and anything that you think you are not using anymore then you can donate to the home coz for them are precious and necessity. Or you can donate monetary form in cheque. Please issue to "SINTHAMANI DIVINE LIFE ASHRAM".

If you want to visit the home personally, here is the address :
Sinthamani Divine Life Ashram Rumah Kebajikan (ROC No. 001529609-H)
No: 1112, Block 150,
Lorong 5/160, Kawasan A,
Rumah Panjang, Jinjang Utara,
52000 Kuala Lumpur

If you want to courier the items, please send to Mr. Praveedran house address as at below coz the courier company may not go in to the Sinthamani Home.

Mr. Praveedran (016-9046358)
No. 10, Block 9,
Jalan 7/16C, Rumah Awam Kawasan B,
Jinjang Utara,
52100 Kuala Lumpur

I'm going to compile the funds and items by this week, I hope to visit the home but with a newbie around is not convenient. Jenny was so helpful, she will come to my house on tuesday to pick up those items and funds in cheque and send to the home. If you have anything that you want me to send together, pls msn me at or email me at Thank you in advance for your kind hearted support to them.

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Sasha with her baby doll and me with my baby Myra...:)

DH, me and with our 2 lil dd. Sasha said she has one more lil sis, her babydoll Sydney (the name given by her)

Sasha with her babydoll Sydney blowing the cake (the babydoll gift given by her daddy)

My Family

Sasha with her popo (my mom)

Sasha treat her babydoll like real baby. Feeding her milk when baby said she hungry.

Sasha with her baby

My yonger sis Cecelia, Me, My mom and my eldest sis Audrey

Whole Family dinner at De Canter Restaurant

Sasha with her cousin (my eldest sis daughter) and their kong kong (my dad)
Lil Myra sleeping during our dinner at the Restaurant

DH with his princess Sasha

This year Christmas, we have our newbie (my baby Myra) to join in the family. Baby Myra is DH and my special christmas gift this year too, haha..:) We went out for dinner at De Canter Restaurant at Damansara Heights. My uncle (my mom younger bro) and 3 of us sisters give our parent a dinner treat.

After dinner we went back to my parent house to have 2nd round. My younger sis received a champagne christmas gift from her German boss and a very special cake from her Macau colleague, so she brought along to our parent house to give us a treat. My hub brought some red wine, fruity sparkling juice and junk food too.

Sasha was so excited and pastering me to let her open all the christmas gift once we reach my parent house. She also helped to open up those gift that given to her lil sis, Myra. Sasha got her biggest christmas gift from her daddy, which is a Baby Doll that can talk with facial expression too. She chose this christmas gift herself coz she saw it on the TV commercial. It cost RM259, DH really pamper his elder dd so much. DH bought Myra a Winnie the Pooh music toy, which is much cheaper. I told DH that he is so bias lol! DH told me baby Myra still young, later when she grows then he will buy anything she wants too.