Monday, January 21, 2008


Sasha - Q-Jelly Birthday Cake

Just the 3 Of Us

Yesterday, we celebrated Sasha birthday at my parent house. We had a small celebration within our families members.

She is 3yrs old on 20 Jan, this was a belated post due to I came home very late. So I have to back dated her birthday post.

There are more birthday pics to update when I come back from overseas. See you guys after 1st Feb.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Nowadays, I'm getting crazy on animals prints such as cow and wild prints items like diaper, bloomer, pen, wetbag, milk bottles and more..

Check out on my collections for Sasha and myself.

Sasha's Cow Milk Bottle
Wipe Container
Happy Heiny's Pocket Diaper

Happy Heiny's Wetbag
Sasha's Bloomer (wild print), too bad my friend haven't made the cow print bloomer so there is no pic yet.

Cow's Brooch for Sasha

My Cow's pen.

Cow's bedroom slippers that DH bought for me.
Sigh! My cow print gift boxes was wet after my bathroom water spilled out. So, no choice I have to throw away. I will go to buy again, hehe...hopefully there are still available. I'm am waiting for my 15yds of cow print cotton fabric coming soon. I want to make bedsheet and quilt cover for Sasha. Then I will make a sofa cover on my old sofa that my sis gave me. The balance of the material, I will try to make table runner, bean bag and will think what else I can make ya...
Wow! is almost 3am now, got to sleep now coz tomorrow have to go out with hubby.



On 15th Dec, DH, Sasha and me went to Curve for shopping coz we know there are some Christmas Decorations. We want to let Sasha to take some pics and enjoy the Christmas moods. We went to Marche' for dinner, Sasha was enjoying herself eating her grilled chicken and soup with bun.

After we have finished, she wants to play at the indoor slide at the Marche'. Then we went to bring her to sit the little puppy that can move around. She loves to sit the moving animals when she saw it at anywhere we go. Nowaday she said she wants to sit the baby animals like puppy and baby elephant. But after sitting the two baby animals, she said she wants to sit mommy animals.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Today thought of eating Teow Cheow Duck, so I asked DH to go to the famous Restaurant at New Town, PJ. When we reached there, Sasha was sleeping inside the car and DH carried her down but she was still sleeping. The place was crowded with people and we are standing there waiting for our seats. Those people are jerks, after they have finished their food and they still don't want to get off. When they saw DH carrying Sasha that she was still sleeping, they also make don't know.

Those jerks can pretend don't know and just continue drinking their chinese tea, keep on refill the tea. Everyone are waiting for their seats too. At last we got another seats at outside. Then came another idiotic parent.

We heard a boy crying non stop sitting at the next table. When we sat down until we start eating, the boy was still crying there. While the boy keep on crying, and his parent just keep on eating. Every table was looking at them but they just continued eating. At last, the boy grandmom quickly finished the food and carry his grandchildren for a walk. When the boy came back from the short walked, he was so happy and eat his rice. If earlier, either his mom or dad can stop eating for a while and bring him out, then I think he will not crying there till non stop.

I told my DH that what type of parent are they? I told DH that if our children cried, people will not say the child is naughty. They will say the parent are jerks and idiotic...