Monday, April 20, 2009


Sasha & Myra


Frame deco by Sasha & I with the help of Art Attack staff

Last Saturday, DH suggested to go out for Dim Sum for our lunch. I told him that we bring both kids out for shopping and we have our lunch at Gardens Cafe at 1Utama, New Wing. The service and ambience are nice and this is our first time been there. Lil Myra is a very good baby when outside coz she loves shopping, she can entertained herself while we are eating. She's a playful baby, she was looking at the next table where a mid aged couple sitting there. She take initiative to play with the couple and both of them played with her too.

After our lunch, we walked around. We reached the BABY GAP Store, there are having 20% discount on storewide to GAP Members & ONE Card Members. BABY GAP Store also doing promotions for FREE Photo shoot, FREE Refreshments and FREE Art & Craft for children. We let Sasha & Myra have the shooting, after the pic printed out then Sasha decorated the photo frame with the Art Attack staff there.

The photographer told us that the photo is very nice coz both kids looked so natural in front of camera. Actually each customer entitled to take one shot but the photographer let us have another family shot. Haha.. so nice of him..:)
We love these photo so much coz is something different ..