Tuesday, September 15, 2009


It has been more than 2mths I haven't got time to really sit down and write my blog after my maid left for good on 10th July 2009. After she left, I handled 2 kiddos by myself and is really exhausting coz Sasha is so active and talkative where she will keep on asking you thousand of questions and also you have to tell her not to do this nor that. And my Lil Myra is 10.5 mths old now, she is so adventurous where she will crawl under the table, even sometimes like playing hide and seek with you coz she will MIA to no way in the house, she is teething too and she will bite anything such as toys, books, worse still is the table edges and chair legs too. I give her the name of RATATOULIE coz she bite like a rat with her 2 front teeth and she borned in the year of rat too. Now I'm going to be 1/2 dead soon coz she is crawling here and there and she is learning to walk too. I have to follow her up and down and front and back in the house. I'm using part time cleaner once a week to clean my house coz I really no time for myself too. My good friend of mine told me that I looked the same like my online store 24/7, haha..:)
I just celebrated my birthday yesterday coz now already 1.26am, just passed my birthday coz after 12am liao! Both kiddos are sleeping and I have some time for blogging now. I had my birthday dinner at Tony Roma's at Cinealeisure with DH, Sasha & Myra. Nothing special coz as we have kids where we really don't have our leisure time to have coffee chat or clubbing after dinner. After dinner we just took a short walk to Mothercare to buy some stuff for my 2 lil girls. My DH said why birthday mommy is buying gift to the kids and not vice versa, haha..:) Nevermind la coz I love buying stuff for both of them and I feel happy when shopping for them too..
I have to cut short coz going to sleep soon, and tomorrow morning have to wake up early due to the part time cleaner is coming to clean the house. I have some photos to share with you guys!!!