Monday, November 5, 2007


Today, my client/blogger, Evelyn sent me a video clip. It shows a boy got cancer and how his sister shares something precious with him. It was so touching and sad too....

Always shares with someone you love....


Too long never updating my blog, suddenly one day I have wrote 3 things that happened last week...

Yesterday is Sunday, we have a women gathering as usual that we use to organise it every few mths once, having Hi-T in any hotel. Is a families gathering, my mom side that means her eldest sister with their 2 daughters and 3 grandchildren and my mom with 3 of us daughters and 2 grandchildren too. Before I left out a person, she is my mom daughter too, she was taken care by mom when she was borned till 1yr old and now she has married too. She called my mom "MOM" coz her parents passed away when she was teenager aged.

So we decided to go Sunway Resort Hotel for Hi-T, when we reached there it was so crowded. So I just bring my maid and Sasha to take the food. As usual my eldest sis always the last person who arrived coz she went for her yoga classes. The people there are like hunger of poverty, never queeu up to take their food and just undercut in and take when you are still taking yours, biadap betul (rude)... Furthermore the food was lousy and tasteless, no wonder 50% discount, always remember don't go for cheap stuff. Like my MIL always said, cheap stuff is not a good stuff.

Talking about biadap, there is a chinese chef more worse...He was taking care the seafood section, I think he just a small post chef la... He is just cleaning and washing those oysters and place it on the plate. My eldest sis loves oyster, so she went there and saw no thong to pick up the oysters, she just used her hand. The conversations started like this:-

Chef: Pls use the thong
My sis: keep quite and searching for the thong but can't find".. so she continued to use her hand to pick up.
Chef: Pls use the "kiap kiap"
My sis: Tell him off "No need to say few times, I understand what is thong!"
Chef: In case ma... (he means that in case you don't understand English)

Muahaha...when my sis told all of us about the incident just now and we were shocked! Why the chef talked so rude chinese, "kiap kiap" and can't he elaborate in proper chinese word for thong. He think that all those chinese people don't understand English, I think he can say in a nice and proper way of chinese word "thong" rather than "kiap kiap".

I think "khim" is better means of thong. What do you guys think?


Sasha with her Daddy blowing the candle

Sasha with her Daddy

Sasha, DH and me

After my lil bro left that nite, the next day is DH Birthday. I was too tired to go shopping to buy DH birthday gift, so I told DH I will treat him dinner only.

DH, Sasha and me went to Victoria Station in Damansara Heights to have our dinner, as usual dining place and is DH favourite restaurant and food. We reached there quite late, around 8.30pm and there are a lot of cars and people too.

We ordered our favourite food and after finished I told the staff that day is DH birthday where they will give you a small brownies with a candle and few of the staff will sang you a birthday song. Sasha loves to blow candle and she said is her birthday, as usual lol! everytime anyone birthday is her birthday :)
After cut cake session, we ordered a banana split ice cream for Sasha as dessert, she loves it... Then we asked for the bill, I supposed to treat DH but ended up he paid too. He said I'm now working, no need to pay lol! kekekaka...

Here are some pics...


All of us

Clockwise: My youngest sis Cece, My Lil Bro David, My Dad, My niece, Ann, Sasha showing peace sign again, My Eldest Sis Audrey and My Mom.

Me, Sasha & My Bro David

Sasha with Ah Fu (Mom Lil Bro)

Last week was a bit tied up with my lil brother going to UK to work. He told us he is going there but not sure when is the departing date coz he had asked his ex-boss wife who is an air stewardess in Cathay Pacific to book for him. Last minute, on last tuesday he informed us that he is going to UK on the following wednesday, that means the next day.

Sigh la...everyone was rushing here and there "AS BUSY AS A BEE" to buy him things and exchanged money too. My eldest sis bought him a winter duck feather jacket with a hand gloves, and I'm like "Ah Soh" as you know married and already a mother...I bought him a set of long john clothing and a lot of medicine from head to toe and also facial wash, hair & body shampoo. 3 of us sisters exchange some money for him and my parents gave him an angpow as a good luck "as smooth as a sailing boat" to work in UK.

My 2 sisters came home early from work on the day my lil brother leaving coz he has to be airport by 6.30pm and his flight is 9.30pm. My eldest sis asked me to order pizza as a farewell lunch/tea for my brother coz is his favourite. Both sis also bought some tarts, buns and kui-muih back. A lot of food for his farewell la...

I send my lil brother to airport with my parents, my 2 sisters, my niece and Sasha in a car and included a luggage too. Luckily I have a small MPV or else my sis have to drive another car, is a bit crampy but all of us enjoyed the journey.

When we reached the airport around 6.45pm, my bro went to check in his luggage and then we went for a drink. We have a short chat and everyone reminding him take care and becareful with those pick pocket coz he will transit in Bangkok, then Frankfurt followed by touch down in Barcelona, Spain. He will stay in Barcelona for few days only going in by train to UK.

All of us really missed him so much coz is his first time going so far....Here I put some of our sweet pics that taken at KLIA during his farewell. Good Luck & All The Best Lil Bro!!!