Thursday, July 26, 2007


I was freaked out when I felt that Sasha's bb having high fever on last 2 weeks. She was having high fever on 1am Monday and my hubby and I rushed her to Damansara Specialist Hospital. We consult the outpatience doctor and Sasha fever was 39.5C. The nurse insert the sophisotary and she cried like hell complaining butt butt pain. The stupid doctor was half waken and just said bb having slight inflammtion in her throat.

Then we observed her the whole day till evening her fever shoot up to 40C and we rushed her to paede. After reaching there the paede asked the nurse to sponge her and let her fever cool down to 38.2C. Paede said she has white spots in her throat, swollen gums and ulcers. Due to this her fever can't comes down coz she don't want to eat and drink. Then we gave her medicine when reached home, everyday her fever was up and down. When taken medication, her fever will gone down to 37+C but after 4hrs her fever shoot up to 39+C again.

We are worried and bring her back to paede for blood test, so luckily the result was normal. But bb fever still didn't go, bb looks weak and clingy. We went to the paede 4 times to check on bb fever but no improvement since one week she started sick. Bb still don't eat and drink, paede said if continuos then have to admit her for dripping.

Before we decide to admit her we brought her to Marmalade Cafe Mont Kiara, her favourite restaurant. She loves the pesto spaghetti and she ate a lot there. We went there continuos 3days for spaghetti coz bb don't want any milk and water for a week. After the lunch there, we went home to pack her clothing and also observed again her fever and has drop below 37C. So we didn't admit her but we observe her till tomorrow morning and no increase on her fever.

We brought her to Marmalade Cafe Bangsar Village for her brunch again (this was 3rd time) coz she still don't want to drink milk and eat other food. She just loves the spaghetti and the lady boss was so kind that she gave me the pesto sauce for me to make my own spaghetti at home. Coz we told her that this was our 3rd day eating at her cafe. She remembered us coz bb held her 2yrs old birthday parties at her Mont Kiara outlet.

We went for Marmalede Cafe Mont Kiara again but was heavy rain on sunday so we can't go down, we divert to Bangsar Village coz they have a branch there. We let bb enjoy her spaghetti and play at the playarea at Marmalade Cafe. After that bb want to eat ice-cream so we brought her to New Zealand Ice Cream Kiosk. Then we brought her to shop around there and hubby bought her children writting board at Toys'r us. Then we went to Early Child Development Toy Centre to buy her beach pail and spade coz we are going to Bali in Sept. Hubby aslo bought bb plastersine that suitable for young child.

Now bb has fully recovered but her swollen gums still there.. anyway we are happy with her coz her cheerful and cheeky face comes back.

Friday, July 13, 2007


After 3 years my maid worked for me, she has gone home for good on last year November. After that I was sharing with my sister on her new maid. The maid was really lazy and give a lot excuses when she done something wrong. Then I decided not to share with my sis on her maid anymore coz I don't want to waste my breath to scold her. So I decided to take a new maid, but this new maid is disobedient and sleep till 10+am the next morning. I rejected her the next day.
Two weeks later, the agent asked me to choose a new maid again, so I have chosen one new maid and brought her back. She is hardworking but she talked very rough. After 2weeks she was starting to give excuses and even one day she bath for my daughter using hot water. My daughter was screaming like hell, all of us went inside the bathroom. My niece checked on the water and she said is too hot till burning. I scolded my maid and can't tolerate her excuses that she said I am the one who asked her to use hot water to bath my daughter. My hubby can't tolerate her and returned her to agent after she worked one month for us.
I called my ex-maid few times to persuade her come back to work for me. I told her that the previous maid bath Sasha's with hot water. She was pity her and agreed to come back to work one year for me again. She can't leave her 3 children with her mil & fil too long coz they are old and can't take care them so much. Then she confirmed to come back and I asked my agent to arrange her to come back to work again.
Yesterday my agent went to Kuching to fetch my maid coz my maid is from Kalimantan. Due to the Air Asia flight delay they came back to KL around 11+pm. My stupid agent send another maid to her client at Genting, then only send my maid here. But not too bad, she bring my maid to eat at mamak stall coz that time was 1.30am. My hubby went out to mamak stall and brought my maid home. I waited them till 2.15am this morning, at last my maid is back to work for me.
I am so happy and finger cross that I can persuade her to work 2 year for me..:)
Signing out now, I have to check on Sasha's coz she was busy digging out all her toys...
My maid is cleaning the bathroom.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Standing (L-R) : Mr & Mrs Chang (My Hubby's Boss), Bride & Groom, Hubby's Staff
Bottom (L - R) : Hubby, Sasha & Me and staff

Sasha, Hubby & Me (see Sasha cheeky face)

Sasha showing her ballet dance

Now was 3.50am and I can't sleep, hugh! So I just starts to elaborate my Malacca trip stories.

My hubby's staff was having a wedding at Orna Golf Club in Malacca last Saturday. I have booked a room at Seri Costa Hotel in Malacca town. We started our journey at 1.30pm on Saturday and we had our brunch at Old Town Cafe near my apartment. Actually we left the cafe almost 2.15pm and reached the hotel at 5.15pm. We took 3 hours to reach Malacca... haha! coz we stop halfway at one of the R&R to buy KFC for Sasha's. She's ate a lot of french fries coz she took her milk for breakfast and she didn't eat anything when we at Old Town Cafe. She's really hungry..

When we reached the Seri Costa Hotel, we quickly checked in for one night stay. We went up to the room and take a rest. Sasha was excited when she saw the king size bed. She went up the bed and jump, jump and jump..

I have to take my shower, then follow by Sasha and my hubby turns. We need to leave the hotel and reach there by latest 7.15pm. We left the hotel at 6.45pm but reached there 7.45pm coz we lost our way. Really sigh! the invitation card there is a location map at behind, we follow the location map to find the club but it was not updated. We lost our way and we stops few places to ask whereabout, the people there seems blur!!! One said go further up but the other said go backward to the other road. Uggh! we was confused coz the road was dark, then we stop again at petrol station, but the staff there also not quite sure.. just told us to go backward to the other road again.

So we listened and went back to the first junction where we turned in. My hubby called his other staff who attending the dinner there, we asked him about the landmark and he told us that he saw JBA and we said we saw JPP. Is really confusing and dark too, so we continued our journey to find the club. At last we found, I don't know why the Club signboard was small and no light at the road side. Even the main road and the small road going in there are no street lights. I told my hubby that we are going to nowhere...

But we have a memorable pics taken during the wedding dinner..

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


When my hubby was on leave yesterday, suddenly we thought of our pedritician told us that Sasha's have to take a pneumococcal vaccine once she was fine. So my hubby and me quickly packed her stuff and dress her up then rush off to the clinic, the clinic is closing at 7pm. And I have an order to send to my client's as well, so we rushed to client's workplace then drop off her order. That time was 6.30pm. I make a phone call to the clinic and told them we are on the road and is terrible jam, haha! coz we afraid we are arriving late.

We are coming from Sri Damansara to LDP Highway then use Penchala Link. It was really fast using the Penchala Link eventhough the toll is pricey. Once we arrived at the clinic, Oops! no parking, I asked my hubby to drop us and we quickly ran up to the clinic, it was at Sri Hartamas 1st floor. Luckily still have a patient inside, and it was 6.55pm..

When we bring Sasha's into the doctor's room, she was so happy then she hug and said hello! to the doctor's. So we let Sasha's play on the clinic bed, gave her all the toys. She was so excited playing the Leap Frog toys then suddenly the doctor's took a shot of pneumococcal vaccine. Oops! Sasha's saw and started to get up from the bed and cried. So we hold her and persuade her to lay on the bed and the doctor's gave her a shot. She was crying so loud and I know this shot is really painful coz all this while she didn't cry when she has any injections.

She was complaining very pain on her thigh and we comfort her but she keep on complain and complain till we go to her favourite vegetarian restaurant. When we reached there, she was so happy coz the vietnamese and indonesia waitresses play with her.

My hubby and me felt the pain when Sasha's complain she has the pain on her thigh during on the way home. She had fever the next day, is commom for all children after vaccines. What to do? Is good for children below 8 years old to have this pneumococcal vaccine, to prevent from ear infections. Is expensive too, RM300 per shot. Children below 2 years old are given 2 shots and above 2 years old is one shot only. Please check on the below links and see what our government comments:-