Friday, November 21, 2008


Baby Myra Ting

Myra in the operation room

Myra and me waiting to transfer back to ward

To be continued from my DH Birthday post, where I have admitted to Damansara Specialist Hospital at 3am. I have dilated 2cm only and my contraction getting stronger after every hour, so painful lol when around 6am onwards.

About 11am morning, my gynae came and checked and I only dilated less than 3cm. So he decided send me to the operation room and I want to take epidural coz I can't tollerate the contraction pain after so many hours. The anastetic came in and insert the needle at my back for epidural but is so painful on my right leg, she took the needle out again and insert again. After 1hrs+, I felt contraction pain again then the nurse pump in the epidural medicine again but I felt wet at the back coz the needle on my back has came out.

The nurse intercom the anastetic to come to take out all the needle at the back and insert again. This is 3rd time insertion, but after few hours I only dilated 4cm and my contraction pain came back again. My gynae asked the nurse to give me the drip to make my dilation faster. The more the dilation the worse my contraction. So the nurse intercom the anastetic and told her that the epidural is not working on me. The anastetic told the nurse to inject the pethidine (pain killer), then my contraction subsided. My dilation was opened very fast after the dripping of 1hrs+. It almost 5pm+, my baby head is coming out... I have tried to push few times then here is my arrival of my BABY MYRA..:). Myra is borned on 2nd Nov 2008, weight 2.78kg, length 47cm.

So sorry guys to take so long to post my baby pics coz I'm going hay wired with a newbie and a toddler to juggle around..

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Is a backdated post on DH Birthday. DH, Sasha and myself went to celebrate DH Birthday on 1st Nov at Vict Station. Is really a late dinner coz that day DH is busy to send his new car to fix up some car accessories thingys.

After came back from dinner around 10+pm, I took a shower and rest on the couch. Around 11pm, I felt some mild contraction but I thought is not a real contraction coz I haven't gone thru a real contraction during Sasha time. Sasha was induced due to some discharged and overdued 10days. This time is really different experience, my contraction getting slightly frequent.

Around 1+am, I was talking and lying down with Sasha on the bed, and my contraction getting slightly stronger. So I told DH that we better send Sasha to my parent house and after that we can go to the hospital. I rang up my niece and told her we are on the way going there. While on the way there, we bought McD and I ate at my parent house before admitted to hospital. We left my parent house around 3am, Sasha was crying sadly coz we left her there.

We reached Damansara Specialist Hospital around 3.30am, then go straight to maternity ward. The midwife put the contraction test machine on my tummy, the contraction was getting more frequent and stronger. She told me that I have dilated 2cm only, and then she send me to the room.

To be continued ..:)