Thursday, May 7, 2009


Sasha was too tired and she slept while on the way home

It was backdated post on 1 1/2mths ago. I read the forum on mumcentre site that there are a Mattel Warehouse Sale at Atria Shopping Ctr, Damansara. So I decided to bring Sasha there after I fetched her from kindy.

When we reached the warehouse sale, it was so crowded till the queeu at the cashier like a long snake and so many lanes too. I told Sasha to leave but she insisted she wants to queeu up. The things there left not many, so we picked up few and quickly go for the queeu. We queeu for 2 1/2hrs there, Sasha complaining tired and I took some carton for her to sit while we on the queeu. The ventilation was poor and stuff too. I told Sasha few times that we better leave but she still insist to queeu. Pity my lil girl...

After we left there, we went for our late lunch about 3pm. Luckily before Sasha leave the kindy she had her lunch at the kindy. Poor me, hungry and thirsty like hell..

When on the way home, Sasha slept inside the car coz she too exhausted and tired. I bought 5 Barbie dolls, Dora Handphone, Polly and Pony for Sasha and few Fisher Price toys for lil Myra too.