Monday, October 27, 2008


Haha..:) a lot of my close friends, msn buddies and clients thought that I have gone for delivery on my 2nd bb. Actually I thought that too but gynae told me my bb may overdue like Sasha last time (overdued 10days). Anyway now I have no sign of engage or contraction at all even though my due date very near, is on 2nd Nov. Even though I have no signs, gynae advised me to induce early due to my water is not sufficient for the bb if deliver after my due date. I will go back to consult my gynae this thursday, he will decide whether I can wait after due or have to induce before my due date.

If gynae asked me to choose a early date to induce, I will tell my gynae that I want it on 1st Nov coz that day is also DH birthday. Then we have to celebrate DH birthday one day early that means on 31st Oct (Halloween Day). We will have dinner together for his birthday, after that then DH can send me to hospital for admission. So I can induce on 31st Oct midnight and deliver my 2nd bb on 1st Nov (which falls on the same birthday with her daddy).

Hope my plan is work, muahaha..:) Just my thoughts and don't know what is my gynae advise. I just wait till this thursday and see...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I have shifted to my new home since end last month and only last week I have managed to get my fixed line transfered here. Yet there is telecom cable problem, so my phone set is not ringing when people called in. Only today the phone set is ringing after I complained 8 times to Telecom 100.

But sigh streamyx not fix yet. One telecom person told me is fixing now and the other telecom person told me no streamyx port at my area. Now I have to use dial up which is damn slow... The worst thing is like out of the world coz without connection to internet, I really not use to it.

So nowadays I will go shopping more often with Sasha coz anytime by now I will deliver soon. I will update my blog later once my streamyx fixed coz using dial up is really irritating.