Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I'm going to be maidless by this friday coz my indon maid is working for me for 5yrs is going home for good. So my life is like heir wire coz taking care both kiddos is not an easy task, futhermore I have to do the house chores and maintaining my e-store business too. I think at the moment I'm not going to hire any maid coz phobia getting those nuts maid like my previous cambodian maid. Maybe will take in a part time cleaner to come once a week if not my house will like spider web, haha...

I have asked Jenny to help me to sent few boxes to Sinthamani Homes twice yet I still have a lot used & new stuff that I don't want is lying around in my house. I think I should stop buying things from now on..:) So before my maid leave, I asked my maid to help me to pack everything up and courier to Sinthamani Homes again. This time a lot of adult clothings, comforter, kettle, thermo pot, bags and lots lots more. Hope these things are useful to them.

If you have any used/unused stuff or in monetary since they need monetary urgently to rebuilt the boys dorm after the roof leakage badly ( You can issue the cheque to "SINTHAMANI DIVINE LIFE ASHRAMS". You can send to the below address where is the founder house address coz courier will not send to the Sinthamani Homes due to the inconvenient road access.
Attn: Mr. Praveedran (The Founder)
H/P: 016-9046358
No. 10, Block 9,
Jalan 7/16C, Rumah Awam,
Kawasan B, Jinjang Utara,
52100 Kuala Lumpur

Friday, July 3, 2009


A good news to share with everyone, Baby Kai Xin's had managed to collected RM500K funds for her operation. Now she is in Singapore with her parents to get ready for her operation very soon. Hope to see your cutie pie face on your blog asap,


Thursday, July 2, 2009


Are they look alike when they are few months old? But when Sasha's grows older, her eyes became big and round. I'm not sure Myra eyes will look alike her "jie jie" or not when she grows, hehe..:)


My Lil Myra turns 8mths old today. Here are some pics that taken 2 weeks ago at Kiz Sport when I brought Sasha & Myra with my maid along too.

Lil Myra is a sociable, happy, playful and cheeky baby. Every morning when DH goes to work, Lil Myra will give a big smile and plays with her daddy if she has awake. She can pushed herself up at the crawling position but she can't control her knee and legs to crawl forward. She still combating around with a very fast pace, haha..:)
I'm still breastfeeding her occasionally coz milk getting lesser, and then I added on 2x formula milk and 2x cereal per day. When everytime I cradle carry her, she will lean forward to my breast to look for milk. After bf her, she will blow "pooh pooh pooh" her saliva on my stomach or hands. So funny is she will not do that on my DH when DH offers her his hand.. She likes to put her face close to my face like velcro, and when she sees me for sure she will chase after me with screaming loudly eventhough someone is carrying her. I have to hide or else I can't do my work, haha..:)
So far she is quite easy to take care coz she likely cries and a happy go lucky baby. I just need to company her when she plays without carrying her to walk around but she will bullies DH, my maid or other people to carry her and have to walk around. What a Lil Rascal ???