Friday, August 31, 2007


My sis, Cecelia msn and asked me why I didn't write my blog for so long coz she said I like to write blog always. Aiyoyo! no time lol! Imported a lot of new stuff from USA, coordinating with those supplier and make sure my stuff reach here on time. Or else I can't peacefully go to enjoy my holiday trip with my DH an Sasha. All my clients will be calling me asking for their stocks.

Today before going out to shops, I have to check my mail before I leave coz want to make sure all the things has been settled with the supplier. DH said he has pre-booked the CANON Scan/print printer for me at Mid Valley Shopping Centre. Then we are going there to buy and for sure we will bring along our lil Sasha.

When we are on the way to Mid Valley, there are long queeu to the parking bay. We took a big round then decided not to go in. We have diverted to KL Town, surprisingly there are no traffic jams at town areas. DH brought us to eat Dim Sum at Ah Yat Abalone Restaurant, after that we went to Lot 10 for shopping.

I brought Sasha to walk at Children Dept and DH went to Men's Dept. I thought of buying some T-Shirt for Sasha, so we walked around and I saw Baby Gap T-Shirt. Is written "MOM MADE CUPCAKE" on the front of the T-Shirt. Is so sweet and nice and Sasha loves it so much coz she always asked me to buy real cupcakes with a candle on it to blow. Then we proceed to meet up with DH on the upper floor.

DH bought 2pairs of shoes and 1pair of sandals, socks and more... Sasha and I sitting there and seeing DH trying those shoes. Sasha met a new friend there, is a 1 year old lil girl. Both of them are so good friends and play along together. Sasha loves her so much. We also talk to their parents, the lil girl mom said Sasha is looks like just came back from overseas coz she's fair and rosy cheek. After that we have to say goodbye to each other coz we are going to supermarket floor.

We went to supermarket and bought some stuff then proceed to Sun Moulin to buy some buns. Sasha saw the cakes and she said she want to eat, so I bought one slice for her and I asked the cashier for one candle.

Then we left there and go straight home. When we reached home, Sasha was asking for her milk. After milk she wants her cake, I took out the cake and put on the candle. DH and me sings HAPPY BIRTHDAY song for her. Let's see the pics...
UGLY SASHA, opened her big mouth..

Monday, August 27, 2007


We having our Dim Sum brunch at Ah Yat Abalone Restaurant at Sect 13, PJ with my mom, sis, maid, Sasha and myself. We ordered a lot dim sum but can't finished lol! Luckily my maid is around coz she really a big eater, after having her lunch at home before we go out but she still can sapu all the balance of Dim Sum.

After Dim Sum, we went to 1 Utama then I left Sasha & my maid at Kiz Sport coz Sasha was making noise that she wants to go school (she always said kiz sport is her school) while we on the way there. Then I went shopping with my mom and sis, I went to Inqbox Concept store to collect my last month cheque. Managed to sold some stuff when I put at the store to sell.

Just reached home, now started to clear up the stuff that I bought. Sasha's digging up all the stuff from the plastic bag and she saw I bought her some strawberry shortcakes paper plate, party bag, party hat and blowouts. I'm so kiasu to buy those stuff so early coz I afraid when Sasha birthday next year Jan there will be out of stock. Planning to hold a birthday party for her lol!

Strawberry shortcakes party packs
You see Sasha showing off her party packs

Before going back to pick up Sasha at Kiz Sport, I passed by Mothercare. Haha! pocket burst again la... I bought 3 pieces set t-shirt for Sasha, is RM84 for 3. I think is reasonable coz I like their clothes, good quality and long lasting.

Share with you the stuff I bought ya..... and I gtg now coz feeling hungry liao!

Sunday, August 26, 2007


Just came back from my parents house after nasi lemak dinner that my mom cooked. Yummy, yummy, I brought back some curry chicken, anchovies sambal and steam eggs for tomorrow lunch or may be dinner too. I have a lot of friends praised my mom nasi lemak is the best, ya I should said best in the world:)
OK, Let's get back to the main topic, Zipper Pocket Panties??? What's that lol! My mom told us she bought some cheap panties at morning market. My maid saw it and said this panties are really great. My mom replied to my maid what so great about this cheap panties? Oh! Actually my mom didn't noticed that the panties has a zipper pocket. My maid told my mom to buy her some then she can wear it when she goes home for good by next year.

Last time when my maid went home for a month holiday, we can't find these panties. So my maid use two panties and sewn in front to make a pocket to put all her money there. Haha! since now is so advance, she no need to do so when she goes back later.

Check it out the super zipper pocket panties pic. Not bad ya.. got flowers design and the zip is at the centre with a pocket too.

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Why my tiny apartment suddenly feel quiet and empty???

Oh! Sasha was having her nap now and I am in front of my laptop checking some cloth diapers info. So I thought of writing something about my DH went outstation on my blog.

I think tonight Sasha will ask me where is her daddy? Why daddy is not coming back from work? I need to explain to her that her daddy is outstation and have to stay overnight there. DH company has a housing development at Triang, Pahang, the project is starting now. DH told me there are rural area where a lot of wealthy people staying there in a half wooden and half bricks houses. Most of them are rubber tapper with their own rubber estate.

DH will be staying in a 3 storey MOTEL coz this is the best and one and only HOTEL there. I told him to becareful of GHOST!!! :) The town is so quiet after night time, I have to call him tonight to check it out...

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Top (L-R): Tropical Flowers & Pink Flowers
Bottom (L-R): Tools & Blue Stars

Check us out at after 15 Sept' 07. We have new arrivals of our printed fitted cloth diapers from Bella Bottoms.

Is so nice and sweet on the new prints, I love it so much and really wanted to munch on it :)


Yesterday after I woke up around 10.30am, Sasha was asking me to bring her to Marmalade Cafe to eat spaghetti. She was asking me everyday since last week. I was pity her coz during the 3 days exhibitions I have no time for her. I asked my mom comes here to stay and help me to take care Sasha and my maid is here to help out with cooking and cleaning. I came back about 9.30pm everyday during the exhibition, I took my bath and bring her to sleep only.

Then I decided to bring her to Marmalede Cafe, Bangsar Village II. I called my mom and asked her want to join us for brunch coz I normally skip my breakfast. So I went to Kepong Baru to fetch my mom then we go straight to Marmalade.

When we reached there Sasha was so excited when we are walking towards the cafe coz she can recognise the place. We had our brunch there and Sasha was playing at the children playarea while my maid feeding her. I brought along my camera and took some pics for Sasha.

Here we goes...
Sasha at Marmalade playarea

Sasha N Me
Sasha N Popo


Butterflies Pareo to wrap over my huge thigh :) How nice if my body shape so curvy like this maniqueen

Sexy girl bikini I bought earlier from France and now my sis bought one kid bikini set for Sasha too. Sasha & I will wear this bikini during our family trip to Bali.

Cow-cow bikini which I bought from my sis and she bought one kid set for Sasha. Will bring this along to Bali too.

Poodle bikini I bought from my sis, too bad this one don't have kid bikini or else she will buy for Sasha.

I have asking my sis to setup her blog few months ago. She told me she has setup recently, suddenly I thought of checking the progress of her blog, and but still not updated lol!

I have linked her blog and online store on my blog here although there are still in progress. If you are looking for funny, sexy, hippy, voluptuos, cute or unique bikini, all she had. If you are looking these unique bikini from France, check it out a month later.

I have bought 2 sets of bikinis from her, :) eventhough I'm big size but I dare to wear coz is really nice and unique lol! Like my friend told me where one day she went to Pulau Redang with her DH, she saw someone wearing the same bikini with her. She was so embarassed and hide herself. She told me really sigh lol! So far at an island also can find ppl wearing the same bikini. From now on, she don't buy bikini at shopping centre and shops out there. She was asking me when my sis is bringing in the bikini from France, I said are here already now selling at INQBOX, One Utama, LG Floor, Opposite Roti Boy Bakery Shop. She will distribute to other stores later and also selling online.
I am going to Bali with my DD, DH, my two sis and my niece next month. So I will wear my new bikini with Sasha too coz my sis bought 2 pairs kids bikini for Sasha. Is a mom & daughter look a like bikini. Check out the designs on top, sure you would love it.

Monday, August 20, 2007


Now Sasha's still sleeping and I have time to upload all the pics into the blog.

This is Baby Sasha N Mom booth.

I am explaining to our customers about our products.

These 2 ladies are selling EQ Disposable diapers but they are interested on our cloth diapers. They told me they know is good and environment friendly.

Our Big Boss: Danny, DH playing games on his mobile phone and goyang kaki only :). I really aprreciated and thank you for his support, encouragement and help thru out the setup of my online store till now.

Our 2nd Boss: Sasha, DD (She likes the Puku Petit Mascot a lot coz she loves penguin in Happy Feet Movie (where DD named it PINGU)

Baby Sasha N Mom Team: My sis Cecelia, My niece Ann and me standing in front of our buntings (Oops! my hair look messy, nevermind is already last day of the exhibition is like that lol!). Luckily I have my sis and niece volunteer to help me during every exhibitions for FREE. Can't find these kind ppl on the earth now lol!
Hooray! At last the Parenthood Exhibition has end. This year was the most successful one that I have participated compared the previous exhibitions.

I was too tired and need some time to recover, haha!. Have to do a stock take on all the consignment stock that from those supplier and have to return back to them by this week. Really lazy to start counting the stock one by one. How nice if I have an assistant to help ya!

Yesterday was the last day of the exhibition, when around 7.30pm my hubby, my younger sis, my niece and myself started to dismantle and packed all my stuff at the booth. Then we push the trolley with all the stuff and carry some to the loading bay. I ask my sis to go back first coz she parked her car at parking lot. Then the 3 of us, went to the loading bay to upload our stuff to my hubby 4 wheels car coz he parked at loading bay. When my niece saw the Baby Love company lorry, she said how nice that Baby Sasha N Mom have our own lorry.

Haha! Really funny when my niece said if we have our own lorry then my hubby can drive. Both of us was pause??? then starts to laugh. Then my hubby said if we have our own lorry that means we are established company. We can hire a lorry driver rather than drive ourself. I told my niece that if we are established, I can hire her as Manager to check on the staff during the exhibition.

We have taken a lot of pics during the exhibition but I have no time to upload to my laptop. Check it out at my next blog ya..

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Feeling hungry and can't sleep at 2am. So have to wake up and eat Penang Har Mee and update my blog.

Don't think I am crazy, I am not in Penang now and I didn't go out to eat Har Mee. I am at home in KL. I cooked instant IBUMIE Penang Har Mee at home myself coz everyone slept. I can't sleep la.. maybe drank the teh tarik this afternoon. Sigh la!

Eventhough instant but is nice. Whoever read my blog, can give a try? You can buy at any supermarket.

GTG to finsh my har mee or else become soft and expanded mee. :)

Saturday, August 11, 2007


What is "Mastercine Mizza", haha! sure you are curious to know, right?
Sasha called plastercine pizza is mastercine pizza, she still baby talked.. Let me show you how is her mastercine collection, Oops! not mastercine is plastercine... :)

She wants me to play with her and we mould out all the plastercine to some delicious pizza, she loves pizza lol!

Some masak-masak (toys) scissor and plate to mould these 3 delicious mastercine pizza

Top Left: Nana Pizza (means banana coz Sasha called nana), Top Right: Vegetable Pizza, Center: Green Peas Pizza
Delicious or not??? GTG now... get ready the plates for dinner now. Sasha & Daddy went to buy Thai food.
Really GTG coz she is back!


Count down from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 more days to the exhibition days.

My online store, at booth 52 during this exhibition at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre, Megamall.
Check us out there!!! We have a lot new items just arrived lol!


Sigh! I have typed everything but suddenly my laptop hanged, so have to retype my blog again.

Green Tea & Choco Cakes
Ann carrying Sasha, Popo (L), Aunt Cece & Uncle David (R) & Ma (Sasha's Godmom) get ready the cake blowing session.

Do you see there are 2 cakes, one green tea cake is for Ann Princess and one choco cake is for Cheeky Sasha. Actually today, 5th Aug is celebrates Ann birthday but her actual birthday is 7th Aug. Why there are 2 cakes? Have to ask Ma (means kaima, godmom)? Ma is Sasha godmom and also is Ann mommy, she purposely bought 2 cakes so that Sasha can enjoy blowing candles too.
Ann invited all her schoolmates, pigs and dogs friends (means "Gi Pang Kau Yau") to her party, all our relatives are there too. Sasha so enjoy coz she thought is her birthday where she saw a cake is for her, hehe! My cousin brought her dd, Renee just 5mths old. Sasha only like to play with her and called her mei mei (little sis). She don't let anyone go closer to her mei mei... coz she wanna bring her mei mei home to sleep too. I think she thought that this mei mei looks alike her dummy bb.

Sasha, Renee (Mei Mei) and Chicken Little (Cong Cong- another cousin ds)
I have organised some games for Ann's friends such as egg rolling, doughnut eating and searching sweets inside a plate of flour.. Check out the pics and you will know what I mean

Egg Rolling Doughnut Eating

Searching for sweets hidden in flour (see Ann's showing peace sign)
Oops! Sasha Mommy & Daddy are not there? Sasha Mommy busy organising games and snap pics and Sasha Daddy was outstation for work that day. So the party ends around 10pm coz is Sunday and those children need to go to school on Monday. Have to go home early lol!