Saturday, August 11, 2007


Sigh! I have typed everything but suddenly my laptop hanged, so have to retype my blog again.

Green Tea & Choco Cakes
Ann carrying Sasha, Popo (L), Aunt Cece & Uncle David (R) & Ma (Sasha's Godmom) get ready the cake blowing session.

Do you see there are 2 cakes, one green tea cake is for Ann Princess and one choco cake is for Cheeky Sasha. Actually today, 5th Aug is celebrates Ann birthday but her actual birthday is 7th Aug. Why there are 2 cakes? Have to ask Ma (means kaima, godmom)? Ma is Sasha godmom and also is Ann mommy, she purposely bought 2 cakes so that Sasha can enjoy blowing candles too.
Ann invited all her schoolmates, pigs and dogs friends (means "Gi Pang Kau Yau") to her party, all our relatives are there too. Sasha so enjoy coz she thought is her birthday where she saw a cake is for her, hehe! My cousin brought her dd, Renee just 5mths old. Sasha only like to play with her and called her mei mei (little sis). She don't let anyone go closer to her mei mei... coz she wanna bring her mei mei home to sleep too. I think she thought that this mei mei looks alike her dummy bb.

Sasha, Renee (Mei Mei) and Chicken Little (Cong Cong- another cousin ds)
I have organised some games for Ann's friends such as egg rolling, doughnut eating and searching sweets inside a plate of flour.. Check out the pics and you will know what I mean

Egg Rolling Doughnut Eating

Searching for sweets hidden in flour (see Ann's showing peace sign)
Oops! Sasha Mommy & Daddy are not there? Sasha Mommy busy organising games and snap pics and Sasha Daddy was outstation for work that day. So the party ends around 10pm coz is Sunday and those children need to go to school on Monday. Have to go home early lol!


Annie Q said...

Yuhoo! Finally there's some post!!!
I thought that green colour cake is green tea? And in between got red beans right? I try that cake before very nice!
Happy birthday to ANN!
Can see Sasha she is so happy to see the cake! So cute!

BabySashaNMom said...

Hi Annie,

Yalah! Very bzzz then no time to post. Sorry I typed wrongly may be is too late then I feel sleepy liao lol!
Wow! You also ate this green tea cake b4, inside got red beans, you are right.
Thanks for your greetings.