Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Feeling hungry and can't sleep at 2am. So have to wake up and eat Penang Har Mee and update my blog.

Don't think I am crazy, I am not in Penang now and I didn't go out to eat Har Mee. I am at home in KL. I cooked instant IBUMIE Penang Har Mee at home myself coz everyone slept. I can't sleep la.. maybe drank the teh tarik this afternoon. Sigh la!

Eventhough instant but is nice. Whoever read my blog, can give a try? You can buy at any supermarket.

GTG to finsh my har mee or else become soft and expanded mee. :)


Annie Q said...

hahaha..i just saw that ad on the tv last night! That's y when i read the title i know it's instant noodles.Ya, what a brand call IBUMIE?

BabySashaNMom said...

Really funny..., yalo I also don't know why the brand named Ibumie. Got one brand Indomie. Why no Bapamie or Malaymie..