Friday, August 31, 2007


My sis, Cecelia msn and asked me why I didn't write my blog for so long coz she said I like to write blog always. Aiyoyo! no time lol! Imported a lot of new stuff from USA, coordinating with those supplier and make sure my stuff reach here on time. Or else I can't peacefully go to enjoy my holiday trip with my DH an Sasha. All my clients will be calling me asking for their stocks.

Today before going out to shops, I have to check my mail before I leave coz want to make sure all the things has been settled with the supplier. DH said he has pre-booked the CANON Scan/print printer for me at Mid Valley Shopping Centre. Then we are going there to buy and for sure we will bring along our lil Sasha.

When we are on the way to Mid Valley, there are long queeu to the parking bay. We took a big round then decided not to go in. We have diverted to KL Town, surprisingly there are no traffic jams at town areas. DH brought us to eat Dim Sum at Ah Yat Abalone Restaurant, after that we went to Lot 10 for shopping.

I brought Sasha to walk at Children Dept and DH went to Men's Dept. I thought of buying some T-Shirt for Sasha, so we walked around and I saw Baby Gap T-Shirt. Is written "MOM MADE CUPCAKE" on the front of the T-Shirt. Is so sweet and nice and Sasha loves it so much coz she always asked me to buy real cupcakes with a candle on it to blow. Then we proceed to meet up with DH on the upper floor.

DH bought 2pairs of shoes and 1pair of sandals, socks and more... Sasha and I sitting there and seeing DH trying those shoes. Sasha met a new friend there, is a 1 year old lil girl. Both of them are so good friends and play along together. Sasha loves her so much. We also talk to their parents, the lil girl mom said Sasha is looks like just came back from overseas coz she's fair and rosy cheek. After that we have to say goodbye to each other coz we are going to supermarket floor.

We went to supermarket and bought some stuff then proceed to Sun Moulin to buy some buns. Sasha saw the cakes and she said she want to eat, so I bought one slice for her and I asked the cashier for one candle.

Then we left there and go straight home. When we reached home, Sasha was asking for her milk. After milk she wants her cake, I took out the cake and put on the candle. DH and me sings HAPPY BIRTHDAY song for her. Let's see the pics...
UGLY SASHA, opened her big mouth..


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