Thursday, August 23, 2007


Why my tiny apartment suddenly feel quiet and empty???

Oh! Sasha was having her nap now and I am in front of my laptop checking some cloth diapers info. So I thought of writing something about my DH went outstation on my blog.

I think tonight Sasha will ask me where is her daddy? Why daddy is not coming back from work? I need to explain to her that her daddy is outstation and have to stay overnight there. DH company has a housing development at Triang, Pahang, the project is starting now. DH told me there are rural area where a lot of wealthy people staying there in a half wooden and half bricks houses. Most of them are rubber tapper with their own rubber estate.

DH will be staying in a 3 storey MOTEL coz this is the best and one and only HOTEL there. I told him to becareful of GHOST!!! :) The town is so quiet after night time, I have to call him tonight to check it out...

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