Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Butterflies Pareo to wrap over my huge thigh :) How nice if my body shape so curvy like this maniqueen

Sexy girl bikini I bought earlier from France and now my sis bought one kid bikini set for Sasha too. Sasha & I will wear this bikini during our family trip to Bali.

Cow-cow bikini which I bought from my sis and she bought one kid set for Sasha. Will bring this along to Bali too.

Poodle bikini I bought from my sis, too bad this one don't have kid bikini or else she will buy for Sasha.

I have asking my sis to setup her blog few months ago. She told me she has setup recently, suddenly I thought of checking the progress of her blog, and but still not updated lol!

I have linked her blog and online store on my blog here although there are still in progress. If you are looking for funny, sexy, hippy, voluptuos, cute or unique bikini, all she had. If you are looking these unique bikini from France, check it out a month later.

I have bought 2 sets of bikinis from her, :) eventhough I'm big size but I dare to wear coz is really nice and unique lol! Like my friend told me where one day she went to Pulau Redang with her DH, she saw someone wearing the same bikini with her. She was so embarassed and hide herself. She told me really sigh lol! So far at an island also can find ppl wearing the same bikini. From now on, she don't buy bikini at shopping centre and shops out there. She was asking me when my sis is bringing in the bikini from France, I said are here already now selling at INQBOX, One Utama, LG Floor, Opposite Roti Boy Bakery Shop. She will distribute to other stores later and also selling online.
I am going to Bali with my DD, DH, my two sis and my niece next month. So I will wear my new bikini with Sasha too coz my sis bought 2 pairs kids bikini for Sasha. Is a mom & daughter look a like bikini. Check out the designs on top, sure you would love it.


Annie Q said...

Wow..good to hear that there is new bikini online store coming up soon!I like bikini and i want to buy myself one..still hunting!Now i saw urs..this is so beautiful and unique!! I like. But how is the price like? Hope to get more info!

BabySashaNMom said...

Oh is it. That's great. The price range for bikini is RM129-159. The expensive is with sequince like the cow cow. The pareo is RM49-59 only. No worry the price is reasonable and bikini is unique too. At least you don't find the same bikini when you are at the beach. :)

Annie Q said...

OH..Good to hear that. But how about the size? One thing is we cant try it on right?

mark said...

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