Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Yesterday after I woke up around 10.30am, Sasha was asking me to bring her to Marmalade Cafe to eat spaghetti. She was asking me everyday since last week. I was pity her coz during the 3 days exhibitions I have no time for her. I asked my mom comes here to stay and help me to take care Sasha and my maid is here to help out with cooking and cleaning. I came back about 9.30pm everyday during the exhibition, I took my bath and bring her to sleep only.

Then I decided to bring her to Marmalede Cafe, Bangsar Village II. I called my mom and asked her want to join us for brunch coz I normally skip my breakfast. So I went to Kepong Baru to fetch my mom then we go straight to Marmalade.

When we reached there Sasha was so excited when we are walking towards the cafe coz she can recognise the place. We had our brunch there and Sasha was playing at the children playarea while my maid feeding her. I brought along my camera and took some pics for Sasha.

Here we goes...
Sasha at Marmalade playarea

Sasha N Me
Sasha N Popo

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