Saturday, August 11, 2007


What is "Mastercine Mizza", haha! sure you are curious to know, right?
Sasha called plastercine pizza is mastercine pizza, she still baby talked.. Let me show you how is her mastercine collection, Oops! not mastercine is plastercine... :)

She wants me to play with her and we mould out all the plastercine to some delicious pizza, she loves pizza lol!

Some masak-masak (toys) scissor and plate to mould these 3 delicious mastercine pizza

Top Left: Nana Pizza (means banana coz Sasha called nana), Top Right: Vegetable Pizza, Center: Green Peas Pizza
Delicious or not??? GTG now... get ready the plates for dinner now. Sasha & Daddy went to buy Thai food.
Really GTG coz she is back!

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