Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Master Ethan (Mommy Joyce Cheah)
Winner Prize: 1piece Cushie Tushies Couture Diaper & 1pair BabyLeg
Appeared on STAR BUY ADVERT in 4 Parent/Baby Magazines in July & Aug 2008
Ethan's Mom: Sorry ya..I stole your Cushie Tushies Prize pic from your blog, hehe..:) Actually I have photo shot the prize pic before I sent out to you. Due to last few days I can't go online, so I didn't download the pic into my blog.

Here are the Two Owners from Cushie Tushies Comments:-

These photos are fantastic :D There is nothing better than seeing real lifeshots of Bubs wearing our gorgeous nappies... It makes all of the blood,sweat and tears so worth it... Thanks so much for sending them to us! I am asucker for the Zoo Mania print and I think Ethan has the pose of a Tiger down perfectly in Ethan so that would have to my my pick for the winner. Thanks again, Shell

Wow so many cute photos! What gorgeous kids! I have to agree with Shell,though - the photo of Ethan is my winning pick too! It is such a good actionshot and shows off the nappy really well. And what a cheeky grin - I am sureother parents would look at this child and want their kid to look like that:-D Thanks for sending them through Brenda! It! is great to see our products in use! Cheers, Cath

Do not upset if your baby is eliminated in this contest. I really admiredall the little models coz they are so cute and performed very well in frontof camera. It is just that there are too many contestants and we only can choose one winner out of all.

As a token of appreciation to all the baby contestants, Cushie Tushiesowners requested me to allow them to post these babies pics at their websitegallery page. Check your baby pics at by next week.

For eliminated contestants, each participant will be presented with a RM20 voucher by Baby Sasha N Mom which entitles you to purchase products listedon our website. We will email to your respective accounts as the proof of voucher. You can order to me via email to

Thank you for your participation in our contest.



Saturday, May 24, 2008


I have ordered some handmade leg warmer by a WAHM in USA. Actually the stock had arrived almost a month ago but I yet to post on my website. I hope I can finish taking pics and post it by next week. I have special order 1pr of Santa Rina Leg warmer for Sasha, is a limited edition and this print is not selling at my site.

Beside that I also asked the owner to knit me a pair of crochet high booties in lavendar and brown colors. The booties is sooo.. lovely, Sasha and me loves it so much. Sasha tried to wear on but is too small for her coz is suitable for newborn baby till 6mths old. The booties that I bought is for my 2nd baby, haha..:) I think a lot of my friends will think I'm joking coz I don't look like pregnant at all. Even when I told my MIL, she doesn't believe it and said I'm joking wo......

It was a big suprised and the best gift for my hubby coz my Gynae confirmed that I'm 5weeks pregnant on the day (3rd March 2008) which is our 6th wedding anniversary celebrations. It was an unplanned preganancy coz my period is not consistant, 1.5-2mths comes once. So I didn't managed to calculate my ovulations everytime, I just let it be naturally. My gynae said I'm just in early pregnancy and asked me not to tell the whole world. Hahaha... My Gynae also believe that pantang to announce officially to everyone when still in early pregnancy. I do agreed too, so I just keep this secret to myself and my family about my pregnancy.

I really had a bad nausea early morning and can't take much food coz my tummy feel bloated and reflux everytime after or before meal. I'm feeling restless and I didn't bring Sasha to KizSport from that day onwards. Christene called and sms me few times why I always didn't come to KizSport nowadays coz we always meet up once a week there. Till I'm almost 3+ mths preggy, I tell her the truth that I preggy and feeling restless everytime go out.

Last 2 days I went to my gynae there for my check-up, and now I'm 16.5 weeks preggy and feeling better in the sense that I can eat a bit more, not to restless and morning sickness not too worse like last time. My gynae asked me whether I want a baby boy or girl, I told him I don't mind as long as the baby is healthy. My DH, Sasha and me actually want a baby girl rather than a boy coz DH said boy very naughty and difficult to teach when they grow. Then my gynae asked me to look at the monitor screen, there is few lines at the baby bottom and is confirmed is a baby girl.

I'm really happy that few of my closed clients also preggy which they will deliver earlier than me, so sorry that I can't shared my news with you guys earlier (as you know pantang the 1st 3mths). The most happiest moment is my best friend, Amber also pregnant on her 2nd baby is due 2weeks later than me.

I'm happy that Sasha can really understand, be more cautious and behave during I'm preggy now. She will not jump on the bed when I'm sitting or sleeping there, she will tell me everytime that she wants a "mei mei" and not a "ti ti" coz she loves to have a sister rather than a brother. She got 2 party packs from my DH Friend's Baby Fullmoon dinner, and she told me one party pack is kept for "mei mei". When my niece gave her 2 bikinis, she also kept one for her "mei mei". Everyday, Sasha will asked me what is her "mei mei" doing inside my tummy? sleeping or swimming? so funny..:) She likes to kiss my tummy to said hello to her "mei mei". I hope Sasha will love her "mei mei" always.

Sasha in Santa Rina Leg Warmer on her hands

Cheeky Sasha posing..:)

Sasha holding the crochet lavendar booties for my 2nd baby


This morning I fried spaghetti with olive oil and chicken meat for Sasha, DH and myself as our brunch. Sasha wanted to eat using the bento box and chopsticks that I bought for her at 100YEN Shop last two days. She kept chasing me when is the spaghetti ready to eat, once cooked then I put some spaghetti into her bento box.

I was waiting for my other bento kits to arrive next week, so I can make some cute shape of bento foods. Here are some pics to share...

Fried Spaghetti with Olive Oil and Chicken meats

Sasha brunch - Spaghetti in her nana bento box (she called yellow color "nana" coz banana color)

Nana Monkeys Bento Box with chopsticks and her fav Ribena drink

Latest Trend!!! using chopsticks to eat spaghetti. East meet West, haha..:)

My collection that I managed to dig out from my kitchen cabinet which I bought 3.5years ago. The 3 small cyclinder size are to keep wet wipes and the pink color is 2 decker bento box.

Hello Kitty 2 Deck Lunch Box - I bought long, long ago before I got married... almost 10yrs still in good condition coz I seldom use.

Friday, May 23, 2008











Nowadays a lot moms really spent a lot of their precious time to make a nice Bento for their lil kids. I really admired their hardwork that they have make an attractive Bento Lunch for their kids to bring to preschool. I need to salute these 2 mommies, Christene and Elaine. They have inspired me to buy some Bento Boxes and accessories to make a bento lunch for Sasha to preschool. Since Sasha don't like to take the food given by the preschool.

I tried to contact my friend who travel oftenly to Japan, he managed to get me some supplier list selling bento kits in Japan. I have ordered some bento kits from one of the supplier and I think my stock can arrive by next week. These bento kits are going to sell at my website soon, and hopefully I don't too addicted with the bento kits myself. Haha..:)

The above are my Bento Kits order from Japan, just sharing those pics with you all. I will open for pre-order later when I have received my 1st order from Japan. At least I can estimate the price after the taxes included after arriving here. Limited stock and Pre-order usually take around 1-1.5mths to arrive from Japan.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


For the past 2 weeks, I was too busy preparing Sasha to preschool and also accepting pre-order for Cushie Tushies Cloth Diapers. So... lazy to blog lol!
Today Christene text me and asked why I didn't blog for a long time. As I told her that nowadays too lazy to blog. Atcually I have a lot of things to blog but don't know where to start. Luckily today I have settled all the pre-order diapers outstanding and now feel a bit free to blog about.
Sasha doing very well in the preschool but some minor incident happened on her first day in school. There is a fat girl scratches her hand during her first day in school. She came back and told me about it and shown me the scratched mark. I was heartsicked seeing the mark on her hand. I told my hubby on the following night about the fat girl bullied our dd. The next day when my dh sent Sasha to school, he told the class teacher to keep an eyes on the fat girl. The blurred teacher said she don't know about this incident and said to my hubby that she knows the fat girl is very rough. My dh told the fat girl personally not to bully Sasha anymore. From that day onwards, she don't dare to bully Sasha anymore.
For the first few days in school, Sasha not too used to the classroom environment. She loves to jumped and walked around coz last time she attended Kiz Sport where a lot of physical activities. Now she has to sit down quietly for almost 3hrs in a classroom where she not used to this type of environment. She was feeling boring siting there for 3hrs but after I talked to her she can accept that the classroom is to sit still and study.
During in the school, her teacher taught her to make a Mother's Day Card for Mother's Day. I was so happy and my heart feel melted when Sasha brought back the card coz my lil 3yrs old dd has given me the best gift in the world. She has a big improvement in term of her progress in school. She can sing songs like twinkle, twinkle little stars and row, row your boat. She can read numbers from 1-10 and A,B, C... eventhough sometimes her pronounciation is not very accurate or sometimes she will missed out some songs lyrics, numbers and alphabet. Haha...:) is really cute when you listened and seen her bubbly face.
The school invited all the parents to meet the teacher on last Sunday. Is a 1/2 terms parents and teachers meeting about the student progress. We also went coz we have been invited too eventhough Sasha just attended 2 weeks in school. The teacher commented that she is the youngest and very new in the class coz she mixed with those 4yrs olds kids. So the teacher didn't push her too much on the studies, just let her play and learn. Sasha has 2 best friends in the class, one is by the named of Siti and the other one is Miyuki (my best friend dd).
Last week, Sasha lil friend, Siti didn't attend school for 2 days due to sore eyes. Then Sasha also teluctant to go to school coz she told us Kak Siti didn't come to school and she has no friend. Nowadays young kids will complain no companion in the school, haha..:)
OK, gtg now...coz tomorrow have to fetch Sasha back from school and headed to our lunch appointment. I will post the Mother's Day Card pic later ...

Thursday, May 1, 2008


I was sourcing around to look for trim fitting, one size, fluffy, comfy yet absorbent diaper around US and Australia. At last I found Cushie Tushies All In One Diaper from Australia. We are happy to work with Cath, Cushie Tushies Director and she has appointed us as an Exclusive Distributor for Malaysia.

Cushie Tushies has three designs such as Couture, Basix Funday and Basix Everyday. Cushie Tushies has tested all diapers are one-size-fits-all design on boys and girls from newborn to toddler. Beside that we have hand knitted woolen soakers work as a diaper cover.

Couture by Cushie Tushies is one seriously stylish diaper! It is a trim-fitting one size fits all design, yet also seriously absorbent: inside the Couture is a full layer of 2mil PUL, super absorbent bamboo/cotton attached to a full body layer of double napped Flannel, and a luxurious Microfleece inner lining. Each Couture diaper not only has a huge matching snapped in booster – which is filled with bamboo/cotton and topped with Microfleece and can be doubled under the wet zone for extra protection – it also has a second separate matching mini booster, also filled with bamboo/cotton.

Basix Funday and Basix Everday is AIO diapers contains an outer layer of polar fleece (with an additional layer through the wet-zone for added leak protection), two large layers of absorbent bamboo inside the wet-zone, and an inner layer of soft flannel against baby’s skin. The huge, sewn-in booster contains another two large layers of bamboo for added absorbency and is topped with a deliciously soft Micro fleece material.

Hand-knit cover, made from 100% Australian wool.The Cushie Tushies Knit woollen soaker has slowly and quietly gathered a dedicated following. These beautiful hand-knitted covers are made from 100% Australian wool. They are designed to go over our AIO’s to extend their wear, for example for a long nap or overnight. They are brilliant at drawing moisture away from baby’s bottom, yet stay amazingly dry to touch.

We are celebrating Mothers Day for all pretty mommies out there. Now we are giving out 5% discount for any Cushie Tushies Diaper pre-order, please check out the design at Please email your order to before 7th May 2008. We will deliver your order after 2 weeks which depend on the stock availability at Cushie Tushies.

In conjunction with our participation in Parenthood Exhibition 2008 in Mid Valley Exhibition Centre. We would like to organise a Lil Ambassador Contest, you just need to take a cute snap shot of your lil cutie pie wearing our Cushie Tushies Couture or Basix Diapers and email the photo to me at before 31st May 2008. The best lil cutie pie photo will be chosen as our Company Lil Ambassador for our product advertisement in 4 baby/parenting magazines that will publish in July & Aug 2008 Issues, our company bunting and printed materials.

*The best lil cutie pie will get a set of Cushie Tushie Couture AIO Diaper and a pair of BabyLegs as your gift (worth RM153)*

Here are some Cushie Tushies Diapers nice pics to share with all pretty mommies out there...


Angel Dots (Front & Back View)

Snap on Large & Small Bamboo Soakers (Inner View)

Snow Falls (Front & Back View)

Snap on Large & Small Bamboo Soakers (Inner View)
Jigsaws & Princess
Enjoy & Good Luck to your lil cutie pie!!!