Saturday, May 24, 2008


I have ordered some handmade leg warmer by a WAHM in USA. Actually the stock had arrived almost a month ago but I yet to post on my website. I hope I can finish taking pics and post it by next week. I have special order 1pr of Santa Rina Leg warmer for Sasha, is a limited edition and this print is not selling at my site.

Beside that I also asked the owner to knit me a pair of crochet high booties in lavendar and brown colors. The booties is sooo.. lovely, Sasha and me loves it so much. Sasha tried to wear on but is too small for her coz is suitable for newborn baby till 6mths old. The booties that I bought is for my 2nd baby, haha..:) I think a lot of my friends will think I'm joking coz I don't look like pregnant at all. Even when I told my MIL, she doesn't believe it and said I'm joking wo......

It was a big suprised and the best gift for my hubby coz my Gynae confirmed that I'm 5weeks pregnant on the day (3rd March 2008) which is our 6th wedding anniversary celebrations. It was an unplanned preganancy coz my period is not consistant, 1.5-2mths comes once. So I didn't managed to calculate my ovulations everytime, I just let it be naturally. My gynae said I'm just in early pregnancy and asked me not to tell the whole world. Hahaha... My Gynae also believe that pantang to announce officially to everyone when still in early pregnancy. I do agreed too, so I just keep this secret to myself and my family about my pregnancy.

I really had a bad nausea early morning and can't take much food coz my tummy feel bloated and reflux everytime after or before meal. I'm feeling restless and I didn't bring Sasha to KizSport from that day onwards. Christene called and sms me few times why I always didn't come to KizSport nowadays coz we always meet up once a week there. Till I'm almost 3+ mths preggy, I tell her the truth that I preggy and feeling restless everytime go out.

Last 2 days I went to my gynae there for my check-up, and now I'm 16.5 weeks preggy and feeling better in the sense that I can eat a bit more, not to restless and morning sickness not too worse like last time. My gynae asked me whether I want a baby boy or girl, I told him I don't mind as long as the baby is healthy. My DH, Sasha and me actually want a baby girl rather than a boy coz DH said boy very naughty and difficult to teach when they grow. Then my gynae asked me to look at the monitor screen, there is few lines at the baby bottom and is confirmed is a baby girl.

I'm really happy that few of my closed clients also preggy which they will deliver earlier than me, so sorry that I can't shared my news with you guys earlier (as you know pantang the 1st 3mths). The most happiest moment is my best friend, Amber also pregnant on her 2nd baby is due 2weeks later than me.

I'm happy that Sasha can really understand, be more cautious and behave during I'm preggy now. She will not jump on the bed when I'm sitting or sleeping there, she will tell me everytime that she wants a "mei mei" and not a "ti ti" coz she loves to have a sister rather than a brother. She got 2 party packs from my DH Friend's Baby Fullmoon dinner, and she told me one party pack is kept for "mei mei". When my niece gave her 2 bikinis, she also kept one for her "mei mei". Everyday, Sasha will asked me what is her "mei mei" doing inside my tummy? sleeping or swimming? so funny..:) She likes to kiss my tummy to said hello to her "mei mei". I hope Sasha will love her "mei mei" always.

Sasha in Santa Rina Leg Warmer on her hands

Cheeky Sasha posing..:)

Sasha holding the crochet lavendar booties for my 2nd baby


Montessorimum said...

Congratulations, didn't know you are expecting no2. :D

Annie Q said...

Congrats Brenda!!! After sometime didnt visit your blog, this is the good news that greet me!
So happy for you!!! Sasha got one "mei mei" to play with lo!
U take care ya, Brenda!!

Sasha said...


And u got what u wished for! Congrats again!

Baby Sasha N Mom said...

Thanks to these 3 mommies..:) U guys are so fast to greet me.

Elaine, I hv to keep these secret till I'm have gone thry the 1st 3mths preggy. Then only I can announced coz I afraid pantang lol!

Annie, no worry and thanks for your concerned. I think a lot of my regular clients like you are so happy for me. Sasha is the most happiest one coz she will have a "mei mei" soon.

Sasha, When I knew you and me are pregnant but I can't share the news with you, I'm feeling so sad. But now we can always chat on msn about our preggy development. Wow! I'm feel so happy. Haha..:)

liteng said...

congrats! will be mum of 2 soon :D

chanelwong said...

Congrats Brenda !!!!
Yahoo..Sasha now got friend to play play..

Hope you are feeling better now..

Baby Sasha N Mom said...

Li Teng, U r a great mom where u hv 2 take care twins girl. Not easy work..

Chanel, I need to congratulations to you too. You are due on Aug, very soon. Yup, Sasha will not feel boring next time. Thanks I'm feeling better now.

allthingspurple said...

Sasha does model the rina babylegs so well. ha ha.

Since i already know you are pregnant, no need to congratulate you again. hee hee...but have a gurreaat pregnancy journey. this is the chance for you to pamper yourself.

Jess said...

Congratulations! Makes me feel it's about time for me to get one, too ;p Hope you are getting over the morning sickness already ;)

Baby Sasha N Mom said...

Christene, I will pamper myself by shopping those bb clothes eventho I hv more than enuf clothing that Sasha passed down.

Thanks Jess, yes u shud get one too..haha:) Now feeling a lot better compare the 1st 4mths. Can go shopping more often and walk longer..

Mommy to Chumsy said...

hey....CONGRATULATIONS to you and your hubby!!!! So great to hear this :D

Mommy to Chumsy said...

ooo..i forgot to add - I am sure Sasha will be a great che che and loves her lil mei mei to bits!!!

Baby Sasha N Mom said...

Mommy to Chumsy, thanks thanks a lot. Haha..:) ya the 3 of us are very happy. Hopefully after her mei mei borned, Sasha will love her a lot.