Saturday, May 24, 2008


This morning I fried spaghetti with olive oil and chicken meat for Sasha, DH and myself as our brunch. Sasha wanted to eat using the bento box and chopsticks that I bought for her at 100YEN Shop last two days. She kept chasing me when is the spaghetti ready to eat, once cooked then I put some spaghetti into her bento box.

I was waiting for my other bento kits to arrive next week, so I can make some cute shape of bento foods. Here are some pics to share...

Fried Spaghetti with Olive Oil and Chicken meats

Sasha brunch - Spaghetti in her nana bento box (she called yellow color "nana" coz banana color)

Nana Monkeys Bento Box with chopsticks and her fav Ribena drink

Latest Trend!!! using chopsticks to eat spaghetti. East meet West, haha..:)

My collection that I managed to dig out from my kitchen cabinet which I bought 3.5years ago. The 3 small cyclinder size are to keep wet wipes and the pink color is 2 decker bento box.

Hello Kitty 2 Deck Lunch Box - I bought long, long ago before I got married... almost 10yrs still in good condition coz I seldom use.


Shern's mom said...

Wah, quite a collection you've got there. I see that she's a lefty like me. hehe..

Annie Q said...

hehehe..this year i also get my boys 2 deck Lilo and stich lunch box as birthday present.It come with spoon and folk, they love it so much, now when ever we go out for dinner,they will bring that and eat with it.

Baby Sasha N Mom said...

I have more than that but not sure I put where or given to people already. Yup, Sasha is lefty and you are lefty too. I think lefty ppl are creative. Hehe..:)

Is it..I think a lot of kids love those cartoon character lunch box. Sasha loves those Hello Kitty and She used to play as her toys too.

LZmommy said...

That's what I did too! :) Digging my cabinet and looking for those cute boxes that I have and those cute cutters :)

Baby Sasha N Mom said...

LZmommy, thanks for dropping by..:) I was like crazy and went to dig out all those boxes (antique) coz long time didn't take out and used.