Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Master Ethan (Mommy Joyce Cheah)
Winner Prize: 1piece Cushie Tushies Couture Diaper & 1pair BabyLeg
Appeared on STAR BUY ADVERT in 4 Parent/Baby Magazines in July & Aug 2008
Ethan's Mom: Sorry ya..I stole your Cushie Tushies Prize pic from your blog, hehe..:) Actually I have photo shot the prize pic before I sent out to you. Due to last few days I can't go online, so I didn't download the pic into my blog.

Here are the Two Owners from Cushie Tushies Comments:-

These photos are fantastic :D There is nothing better than seeing real lifeshots of Bubs wearing our gorgeous nappies... It makes all of the blood,sweat and tears so worth it... Thanks so much for sending them to us! I am asucker for the Zoo Mania print and I think Ethan has the pose of a Tiger down perfectly in Ethan so that would have to my my pick for the winner. Thanks again, Shell

Wow so many cute photos! What gorgeous kids! I have to agree with Shell,though - the photo of Ethan is my winning pick too! It is such a good actionshot and shows off the nappy really well. And what a cheeky grin - I am sureother parents would look at this child and want their kid to look like that:-D Thanks for sending them through Brenda! It! is great to see our products in use! Cheers, Cath

Do not upset if your baby is eliminated in this contest. I really admiredall the little models coz they are so cute and performed very well in frontof camera. It is just that there are too many contestants and we only can choose one winner out of all.

As a token of appreciation to all the baby contestants, Cushie Tushiesowners requested me to allow them to post these babies pics at their websitegallery page. Check your baby pics at by next week.

For eliminated contestants, each participant will be presented with a RM20 voucher by Baby Sasha N Mom which entitles you to purchase products listedon our website. We will email to your respective accounts as the proof of voucher. You can order to me via email to

Thank you for your participation in our contest.




allthingspurple said...

Ethan does looks like a little Tiger.hee hee..

Peter & Joyce said... happppeeeeee!!!! Thanks to the sponsors and of course to Brenda too!

allthingspurple: Ethan looks tigerrish cos his mommy is a giddy tigress? :P

allthingspurple said...

yep.ha ha...born of a tiger, always a tiger !!

chanelwong said...

joyce...your boy Ethan has won you a lot of presents...Congrats !!!!

Baby Sasha N Mom said...

Christene, I agreed with you coz I didn't noticed till CT Owner mentioned in their email.

You are welcome, Joyce! So u born in the year of tiger? same as me lol! My maternal grandpa, my mom and me also born in the year of tiger.