Tuesday, May 20, 2008


For the past 2 weeks, I was too busy preparing Sasha to preschool and also accepting pre-order for Cushie Tushies Cloth Diapers. So... lazy to blog lol!
Today Christene text me and asked why I didn't blog for a long time. As I told her that nowadays too lazy to blog. Atcually I have a lot of things to blog but don't know where to start. Luckily today I have settled all the pre-order diapers outstanding and now feel a bit free to blog about.
Sasha doing very well in the preschool but some minor incident happened on her first day in school. There is a fat girl scratches her hand during her first day in school. She came back and told me about it and shown me the scratched mark. I was heartsicked seeing the mark on her hand. I told my hubby on the following night about the fat girl bullied our dd. The next day when my dh sent Sasha to school, he told the class teacher to keep an eyes on the fat girl. The blurred teacher said she don't know about this incident and said to my hubby that she knows the fat girl is very rough. My dh told the fat girl personally not to bully Sasha anymore. From that day onwards, she don't dare to bully Sasha anymore.
For the first few days in school, Sasha not too used to the classroom environment. She loves to jumped and walked around coz last time she attended Kiz Sport where a lot of physical activities. Now she has to sit down quietly for almost 3hrs in a classroom where she not used to this type of environment. She was feeling boring siting there for 3hrs but after I talked to her she can accept that the classroom is to sit still and study.
During in the school, her teacher taught her to make a Mother's Day Card for Mother's Day. I was so happy and my heart feel melted when Sasha brought back the card coz my lil 3yrs old dd has given me the best gift in the world. She has a big improvement in term of her progress in school. She can sing songs like twinkle, twinkle little stars and row, row your boat. She can read numbers from 1-10 and A,B, C... eventhough sometimes her pronounciation is not very accurate or sometimes she will missed out some songs lyrics, numbers and alphabet. Haha...:) is really cute when you listened and seen her bubbly face.
The school invited all the parents to meet the teacher on last Sunday. Is a 1/2 terms parents and teachers meeting about the student progress. We also went coz we have been invited too eventhough Sasha just attended 2 weeks in school. The teacher commented that she is the youngest and very new in the class coz she mixed with those 4yrs olds kids. So the teacher didn't push her too much on the studies, just let her play and learn. Sasha has 2 best friends in the class, one is by the named of Siti and the other one is Miyuki (my best friend dd).
Last week, Sasha lil friend, Siti didn't attend school for 2 days due to sore eyes. Then Sasha also teluctant to go to school coz she told us Kak Siti didn't come to school and she has no friend. Nowadays young kids will complain no companion in the school, haha..:)
OK, gtg now...coz tomorrow have to fetch Sasha back from school and headed to our lunch appointment. I will post the Mother's Day Card pic later ...


allthingspurple said...

Ha ha. its really cute, isnt it, when they start rendering songs you never taught them before. Make you realise that from now onward, there will be some moments in her life that you are not a part of. Thats how i felt when i send Ashley to kindy.

Mommy to Chumsy said...

oooo....glad to hear Sasha is enjoying perschool. I am thinking of sending ashley to one later this year...haven't looked yet.

Baby Sasha N Mom said...

Yes I totally agreed with u, Christene. They seems like they have grew from us as our lil baby till toddler and they understood a lot of things now. I really missed their lil baby bubbling sounds..:)

Ashley's Mom, you should bring Ashley to check out those preschool. Let her choose which one she likes then is the one you are going to send her. Good Luck!

Ai Yin said...

hi, this is my first time to visit your blog. How old is your girl? I had sent my girl to preschool when she was just 2 years old, of course she is just under nursery class. But she learn quite a lot from school.

Baby Sasha N Mom said...

Hi Ai Yin, Thanks for dropping by..:) My dd is 3yrs 6mths old now. Yes, I agreed after she enrolled to the preschool and she did learn a lot.

By the way, I drop by at your blog. Too bad I can't read Chinese.