Monday, August 20, 2007


Now Sasha's still sleeping and I have time to upload all the pics into the blog.

This is Baby Sasha N Mom booth.

I am explaining to our customers about our products.

These 2 ladies are selling EQ Disposable diapers but they are interested on our cloth diapers. They told me they know is good and environment friendly.

Our Big Boss: Danny, DH playing games on his mobile phone and goyang kaki only :). I really aprreciated and thank you for his support, encouragement and help thru out the setup of my online store till now.

Our 2nd Boss: Sasha, DD (She likes the Puku Petit Mascot a lot coz she loves penguin in Happy Feet Movie (where DD named it PINGU)

Baby Sasha N Mom Team: My sis Cecelia, My niece Ann and me standing in front of our buntings (Oops! my hair look messy, nevermind is already last day of the exhibition is like that lol!). Luckily I have my sis and niece volunteer to help me during every exhibitions for FREE. Can't find these kind ppl on the earth now lol!
Hooray! At last the Parenthood Exhibition has end. This year was the most successful one that I have participated compared the previous exhibitions.

I was too tired and need some time to recover, haha!. Have to do a stock take on all the consignment stock that from those supplier and have to return back to them by this week. Really lazy to start counting the stock one by one. How nice if I have an assistant to help ya!

Yesterday was the last day of the exhibition, when around 7.30pm my hubby, my younger sis, my niece and myself started to dismantle and packed all my stuff at the booth. Then we push the trolley with all the stuff and carry some to the loading bay. I ask my sis to go back first coz she parked her car at parking lot. Then the 3 of us, went to the loading bay to upload our stuff to my hubby 4 wheels car coz he parked at loading bay. When my niece saw the Baby Love company lorry, she said how nice that Baby Sasha N Mom have our own lorry.

Haha! Really funny when my niece said if we have our own lorry then my hubby can drive. Both of us was pause??? then starts to laugh. Then my hubby said if we have our own lorry that means we are established company. We can hire a lorry driver rather than drive ourself. I told my niece that if we are established, I can hire her as Manager to check on the staff during the exhibition.

We have taken a lot of pics during the exhibition but I have no time to upload to my laptop. Check it out at my next blog ya..


Annie Q said...

Phew!Finally it's over. Must be super tired lei. hehehe..Good respone is a good sign ma!;)

BabySashaNMom said...

Ya, this year is really good response. I didn't expected. Hopefully all goes well next year and following years too.