Monday, August 27, 2007


We having our Dim Sum brunch at Ah Yat Abalone Restaurant at Sect 13, PJ with my mom, sis, maid, Sasha and myself. We ordered a lot dim sum but can't finished lol! Luckily my maid is around coz she really a big eater, after having her lunch at home before we go out but she still can sapu all the balance of Dim Sum.

After Dim Sum, we went to 1 Utama then I left Sasha & my maid at Kiz Sport coz Sasha was making noise that she wants to go school (she always said kiz sport is her school) while we on the way there. Then I went shopping with my mom and sis, I went to Inqbox Concept store to collect my last month cheque. Managed to sold some stuff when I put at the store to sell.

Just reached home, now started to clear up the stuff that I bought. Sasha's digging up all the stuff from the plastic bag and she saw I bought her some strawberry shortcakes paper plate, party bag, party hat and blowouts. I'm so kiasu to buy those stuff so early coz I afraid when Sasha birthday next year Jan there will be out of stock. Planning to hold a birthday party for her lol!

Strawberry shortcakes party packs
You see Sasha showing off her party packs

Before going back to pick up Sasha at Kiz Sport, I passed by Mothercare. Haha! pocket burst again la... I bought 3 pieces set t-shirt for Sasha, is RM84 for 3. I think is reasonable coz I like their clothes, good quality and long lasting.

Share with you the stuff I bought ya..... and I gtg now coz feeling hungry liao!

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