Thursday, July 26, 2007


I was freaked out when I felt that Sasha's bb having high fever on last 2 weeks. She was having high fever on 1am Monday and my hubby and I rushed her to Damansara Specialist Hospital. We consult the outpatience doctor and Sasha fever was 39.5C. The nurse insert the sophisotary and she cried like hell complaining butt butt pain. The stupid doctor was half waken and just said bb having slight inflammtion in her throat.

Then we observed her the whole day till evening her fever shoot up to 40C and we rushed her to paede. After reaching there the paede asked the nurse to sponge her and let her fever cool down to 38.2C. Paede said she has white spots in her throat, swollen gums and ulcers. Due to this her fever can't comes down coz she don't want to eat and drink. Then we gave her medicine when reached home, everyday her fever was up and down. When taken medication, her fever will gone down to 37+C but after 4hrs her fever shoot up to 39+C again.

We are worried and bring her back to paede for blood test, so luckily the result was normal. But bb fever still didn't go, bb looks weak and clingy. We went to the paede 4 times to check on bb fever but no improvement since one week she started sick. Bb still don't eat and drink, paede said if continuos then have to admit her for dripping.

Before we decide to admit her we brought her to Marmalade Cafe Mont Kiara, her favourite restaurant. She loves the pesto spaghetti and she ate a lot there. We went there continuos 3days for spaghetti coz bb don't want any milk and water for a week. After the lunch there, we went home to pack her clothing and also observed again her fever and has drop below 37C. So we didn't admit her but we observe her till tomorrow morning and no increase on her fever.

We brought her to Marmalade Cafe Bangsar Village for her brunch again (this was 3rd time) coz she still don't want to drink milk and eat other food. She just loves the spaghetti and the lady boss was so kind that she gave me the pesto sauce for me to make my own spaghetti at home. Coz we told her that this was our 3rd day eating at her cafe. She remembered us coz bb held her 2yrs old birthday parties at her Mont Kiara outlet.

We went for Marmalede Cafe Mont Kiara again but was heavy rain on sunday so we can't go down, we divert to Bangsar Village coz they have a branch there. We let bb enjoy her spaghetti and play at the playarea at Marmalade Cafe. After that bb want to eat ice-cream so we brought her to New Zealand Ice Cream Kiosk. Then we brought her to shop around there and hubby bought her children writting board at Toys'r us. Then we went to Early Child Development Toy Centre to buy her beach pail and spade coz we are going to Bali in Sept. Hubby aslo bought bb plastersine that suitable for young child.

Now bb has fully recovered but her swollen gums still there.. anyway we are happy with her coz her cheerful and cheeky face comes back.


Annie Q said...

Phew!Glad to hear that bb sasha are getting well.When kids are sick, we parent always is the most worried one.And will have sleepless night.

BabySashaNMom said...

Really thanks for visiting my blog. Is true, we as parent always feel pain too when see our bb sick.