Friday, July 13, 2007


After 3 years my maid worked for me, she has gone home for good on last year November. After that I was sharing with my sister on her new maid. The maid was really lazy and give a lot excuses when she done something wrong. Then I decided not to share with my sis on her maid anymore coz I don't want to waste my breath to scold her. So I decided to take a new maid, but this new maid is disobedient and sleep till 10+am the next morning. I rejected her the next day.
Two weeks later, the agent asked me to choose a new maid again, so I have chosen one new maid and brought her back. She is hardworking but she talked very rough. After 2weeks she was starting to give excuses and even one day she bath for my daughter using hot water. My daughter was screaming like hell, all of us went inside the bathroom. My niece checked on the water and she said is too hot till burning. I scolded my maid and can't tolerate her excuses that she said I am the one who asked her to use hot water to bath my daughter. My hubby can't tolerate her and returned her to agent after she worked one month for us.
I called my ex-maid few times to persuade her come back to work for me. I told her that the previous maid bath Sasha's with hot water. She was pity her and agreed to come back to work one year for me again. She can't leave her 3 children with her mil & fil too long coz they are old and can't take care them so much. Then she confirmed to come back and I asked my agent to arrange her to come back to work again.
Yesterday my agent went to Kuching to fetch my maid coz my maid is from Kalimantan. Due to the Air Asia flight delay they came back to KL around 11+pm. My stupid agent send another maid to her client at Genting, then only send my maid here. But not too bad, she bring my maid to eat at mamak stall coz that time was 1.30am. My hubby went out to mamak stall and brought my maid home. I waited them till 2.15am this morning, at last my maid is back to work for me.
I am so happy and finger cross that I can persuade her to work 2 year for me..:)
Signing out now, I have to check on Sasha's coz she was busy digging out all her toys...
My maid is cleaning the bathroom.


Sasha said...

Hi!!! saw yr picture in my bloglog and decided to pay a visit! Yr Sasha is really cute!

BabySashaNMom said...

Really thank you for visiting our blog. You are Sasha too? Pity my Sasha now coz having fever for almost a week. May be have to admit hospital if still didn't recover by this week.

Annie Q said...

Hi, first time here. But i been order things from ur website few times.hehehe
Maid story, *sigh* never ending. Mine is two maids run away.Now still waiting for the new maid to come, but definetly no more indon maid for me. Can't trust!
Mind me to link u up?

BabySashaNMom said...

Hi Annie! Pls link to me. What is your blog? Nest time we can chat at my chit chat box ya...
Do visit me again!!! on 17-19 Aug Parenthood Exhibition at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre.