Tuesday, July 3, 2007


When my hubby was on leave yesterday, suddenly we thought of our pedritician told us that Sasha's have to take a pneumococcal vaccine once she was fine. So my hubby and me quickly packed her stuff and dress her up then rush off to the clinic, the clinic is closing at 7pm. And I have an order to send to my client's as well, so we rushed to client's workplace then drop off her order. That time was 6.30pm. I make a phone call to the clinic and told them we are on the road and is terrible jam, haha! coz we afraid we are arriving late.

We are coming from Sri Damansara to LDP Highway then use Penchala Link. It was really fast using the Penchala Link eventhough the toll is pricey. Once we arrived at the clinic, Oops! no parking, I asked my hubby to drop us and we quickly ran up to the clinic, it was at Sri Hartamas 1st floor. Luckily still have a patient inside, and it was 6.55pm..

When we bring Sasha's into the doctor's room, she was so happy then she hug and said hello! to the doctor's. So we let Sasha's play on the clinic bed, gave her all the toys. She was so excited playing the Leap Frog toys then suddenly the doctor's took a shot of pneumococcal vaccine. Oops! Sasha's saw and started to get up from the bed and cried. So we hold her and persuade her to lay on the bed and the doctor's gave her a shot. She was crying so loud and I know this shot is really painful coz all this while she didn't cry when she has any injections.

She was complaining very pain on her thigh and we comfort her but she keep on complain and complain till we go to her favourite vegetarian restaurant. When we reached there, she was so happy coz the vietnamese and indonesia waitresses play with her.

My hubby and me felt the pain when Sasha's complain she has the pain on her thigh during on the way home. She had fever the next day, is commom for all children after vaccines. What to do? Is good for children below 8 years old to have this pneumococcal vaccine, to prevent from ear infections. Is expensive too, RM300 per shot. Children below 2 years old are given 2 shots and above 2 years old is one shot only. Please check on the below links and see what our government comments:-


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