Saturday, June 23, 2007


My eldest sister's has employed an indonesian maid last year November. I shared with my sis when she took this new maid coz my maid went home for good after working 3 years with me. The agent rented the rejected maid to my sister's while waiting for my sister to choose a new maid. My sister's brought her back and tried for 2 weeks, within the 2 weeks she was really good and hardworking. When my sister's told the agent that she will confirmed this rejected maid rather than choosing a new maid.

You know what will happened after the confirmation....

This indon maid was waking up late in the morning, doing all the housework slow motion and the most irritated is always lost the new clothings after washed. Do you know? sigh! I bought a Baby Gap T-Shirt and a branded skirt for my daughter during CNY. After wore once, she washed then you know what happened? LOST!!!

Now my nightmare came back again, I bought a Pumpkin Patch Pant for my daughter from Singapore, just wore once and asked her to washed then LOST LIAO!!! I really dissapointed and mad on her. What can I do? Just scolded her and asked her to find everywhere. She said she don't know wo... & can't find wo...

My sis maid is completing one year contract by August but we are not renewing her permit anymore. I have persuaded my ex-maid to come back to work for me again. She promised and now I am applying her permit. She is coming back by end July. Just cross my finger she will not change her mind after applying her permit.

Pray, Pray & Pray!!!

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