Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Standing (L-R) : Mr & Mrs Chang (My Hubby's Boss), Bride & Groom, Hubby's Staff
Bottom (L - R) : Hubby, Sasha & Me and staff

Sasha, Hubby & Me (see Sasha cheeky face)

Sasha showing her ballet dance

Now was 3.50am and I can't sleep, hugh! So I just starts to elaborate my Malacca trip stories.

My hubby's staff was having a wedding at Orna Golf Club in Malacca last Saturday. I have booked a room at Seri Costa Hotel in Malacca town. We started our journey at 1.30pm on Saturday and we had our brunch at Old Town Cafe near my apartment. Actually we left the cafe almost 2.15pm and reached the hotel at 5.15pm. We took 3 hours to reach Malacca... haha! coz we stop halfway at one of the R&R to buy KFC for Sasha's. She's ate a lot of french fries coz she took her milk for breakfast and she didn't eat anything when we at Old Town Cafe. She's really hungry..

When we reached the Seri Costa Hotel, we quickly checked in for one night stay. We went up to the room and take a rest. Sasha was excited when she saw the king size bed. She went up the bed and jump, jump and jump..

I have to take my shower, then follow by Sasha and my hubby turns. We need to leave the hotel and reach there by latest 7.15pm. We left the hotel at 6.45pm but reached there 7.45pm coz we lost our way. Really sigh! the invitation card there is a location map at behind, we follow the location map to find the club but it was not updated. We lost our way and we stops few places to ask whereabout, the people there seems blur!!! One said go further up but the other said go backward to the other road. Uggh! we was confused coz the road was dark, then we stop again at petrol station, but the staff there also not quite sure.. just told us to go backward to the other road again.

So we listened and went back to the first junction where we turned in. My hubby called his other staff who attending the dinner there, we asked him about the landmark and he told us that he saw JBA and we said we saw JPP. Is really confusing and dark too, so we continued our journey to find the club. At last we found, I don't know why the Club signboard was small and no light at the road side. Even the main road and the small road going in there are no street lights. I told my hubby that we are going to nowhere...

But we have a memorable pics taken during the wedding dinner..

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