Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Is about 2mths plus I have not been blogging, just give a break to my blog for a holiday, haha... Nowadays really tied up with lil Myra and Sasha, my online business and also I'm running here & there to settle all my things before my maid going home for good by early July. I really hope one day is 48hrs so I can do more things in a day. By July I'm maidless, even no time to blog hopping or even go loo too.

I have a lot of my 2 lil cutie pies backlog pics and their milestone stories to post, sigh! what am I doing? I think maybe I spent too much time on unecessary online searching where to buy clothings for my 2 rascals, hehe..:)

I have to catch up the time now before I forgot those stories to post..

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