Monday, November 2, 2009


Today, Lil Myra turns ONE. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY MYRA..:)

We have celebrated an early birthday for her and DH. DH birthday was on 1st Nov and Myra is on 2nd Nov. We have a buffet dinner on last Sat @ Cinnamon Cafe, One World Hotel together with my family, my uncle and my MIL.

Then we have a cut cake celebration for DH & Myra on yesterday @ my parent house. And tonight I will give a dinner treat to DH, Sasha & Myra @ Bangsar Shopping Centre coz I have promised Sasha to buy her a cash register toy @ Mothercare/ELC, BSC where she saw the toy in the Mothercare/ELC catalog that posted to me last few days. Of course I will not miss out my Lil Myra present too.

We have a lots of pics taken this few days but I'm still waiting for DH to upload into my laptop. I will post the pic asap..:) Cya!


Cynthia said...

Happy Birthday Myra!! and not forgetting to your hubs too! Have a nice celebration.. and of course, may GOD blessed everyone ya :D

Mommy to Chumsy said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Princess Myra. Welcome to toddlerhood :D

little prince's mummy said...

Happy birthday!~

Shern's mom said...

Eh, how come so long didn't blog d one?

Missy Sasha N Mini Myra said...

Sorry for the delay replied..:)

Maidless since last yr July till now, I'm super bzzz with both kids coz the young one still fully BF too. So no time to blog and sometimes lazy too. If got time online, will go surfing for other things lol! hehe..

Thanks for all your blessing and wishes..:)