Thursday, May 27, 2010


My dad (red shirt) opp is my mom (pink blouse) & my niece in peace sign

Me & my kiddos

We celebrated my Dad 70th Birthday with the entire family at Mum's Place Restaurant, Damansara Perdana. After the dinner we adjourned to The Curve for shopping then continued to have coffee or supper at The Dome. Too bad we didn't take any pic at dinner but just taken some pic at Dome only.


Jenny said...

happy belated birthday to your father :) love your blog. stumble upon your blog through barbs! hehe. looks like you guys had a lovely day! feel free to pop by whenever you have time. I'm surely gonna be dropping by a lot.

you take care and have a fabulous day yourself :)

jen @

Missy Sasha N Mini Myra said...

Jenny, thanks 4 dropping by:) I hop into ur blog, Wow! u r young n pretty girl, haha..

Anonymous said...

Great photos!

PropTiger.Com said...
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