Sunday, June 19, 2011


I have posted this convo on FB yet I think I should blog it here. When my girls grow up they can read it.

After yesterday night dinner, when we are on our way sending my mom n maid back to my parent home. The conversation starts like this.........

Myra: Mami, I want "nei nei" = "milk". I want kakak makes "nei nei" for mei-mei (she address herself)

Sasha: Mami, last time u feed mei mei "nei nei" fr ur breast rite? Ur milk is vanilla or chocolate?

* (Me, my hub n my mom was laughing like hell in d car..)

Me: Myra, last time mami feeds u what flavor "nei nei"?

Myra: Vanilla!

* (Everyone laughing in the car again!)

Me: *Slap Forehead*


Ryuu234 said...

haha... =D

Ryuu234 said...

You should let her(myra) read this when she is older .. =D and see what her reaction will be .. =D

Missy Sasha N Mini Myra said...

Thanks Ryuu234 for dropping by:) Yay! I think she will roll over the floor, *grin*