Friday, February 15, 2008


Last week Monday, my younger sis, my good friend Ammie's and me went to Ti-Ratana Welfare Homes at Salak South Baru. We brought along stationeries, rice, foods and clothes to donate to the orphanage. Ammie's had called to Christine, a staff of Ti-Ratana before that to confirmed our appointment and she promised she will bring us to tour around the homes.

We went to pick up Ammie's from her office, then we go direct to Ti-Ratana. We have an appointment with them at 2pm but we reached there almost 12pm+. Actually we went to the wrong road, but luckily we passed by a toll and we asked the toll staff how to go there. So we managed to go back to the other side of the road and go back into Salak South Baru. When we reached there, we had our lunch at one of the shop there. We have finished our lunch around 1.30pm and we decided to go in early.

Then I drove up to the hill slope to Ti-Ratana, we saw a lot people helping a MPV car which stopped in front of the homes to load down some foods. Once we reached there, a chinese uncle who works as a guard at the homes asked us to wait a while. After the MPV loaded down the stuff, the uncle asked me to drive near the homes to load down our stuff. A lot of men came out to help us to load down the stuff to the office. After they finished loading, the uncle asked me to park my car at the bottom of the slope. Then we walked up to the office to look for the Christine.

Christine was not in, there is a Volunteer Counsellor asked an office lady to bring us to tour around the homes. We followed the lady to the opposite side of the office where the homes located. She brought us into the orpahange homes for aged 6 - 18yrs and there are 170 children, from outside of the bulding it looks well maintained but when we walk towards the hall and the conditions was terrible. We saw a lot of children running here and there, some of them sitting or sleeping on the old furnitures inside the hall. The hall is very basic, just a few old furnitures inside there. We saw a boy wearing an underwear running around after taken bath. The children seems like no people supervise them and they have nothing to do beside sitting, sleeping or walking around the area.

The office lady brought us to another homes for babies and below 5years, on the way going there we passed by the kitchen. When we going up the staricase to the kitchen, we noticed very bad smells. Then we continued to walk up to the kitchen, we saw a lot of children having their lunch there. The children have plain rice with one dish only, we really sympatize those children. The kitchen floors was full of raw vegetables and it is not clean and hygenic too. We really can't stand the smell if we are sitting there for our meals.

Then we walked into the babies home, is a small home but with 25 babies and toddlers till aged 5years. We saw a lot of babies sleeping inside the baby cot and buaian, there is only one old sofa and a 2yrs+ little girl sleeping there. There are some student who helped there as volunteers, they play and feed the babies. The conditions inside was terrible with stinky smells like babies urinates. There are 3 permanent indon maid helping to take care 25 children, they worked 24hrs and 365 days a yr. The maids look restless and no expression, we can't blamed them coz they had worked too long hours and with seeing the crying babies everyday.

There are 2 babies sharing in one baby cot, we are pity to see them. The volunteer student fed milk to a baby, the baby got choke and spill out the milk from his mouth and nose. Those babies sharing milk bottles among each other, so the teats are big coz some young and old babies using it. I quickly look for hankie to wipe and clean the baby but there are no hankie there. I took out some tissues and wipe the baby mouth and nose, the baby was crying coz he having flu and cough. The milk bottle teat is big, and the baby has a lot of flame, that is why he easily got choked.

Then a maid feeding another baby, while feeding the baby and there are another 1yr+ toddler just woke up from the cot. The 1yr+ little girl was quietly sitting inside the cot, then the maid took 1/2 packet of choco biscuit (looks like tiny balls) and thrown inside the cot. The little girl picked up the packet of biscuit and eat, my sis said is really heart sicked to see the maid treat the girl like a dog in a cage. We really can't bare to see the situation there, the office lady brought us to the children playarea. The playarea is painted some trees on the wall and with a tv hanging on top. There are no tables, chairs and play toys inside the room.

A lot of them are sleeping inside another 2 rooms, when some of them heard that we are there and they wanted to come out to meet us. The maids don't allow them to come out and asked them to continue to sleep. The office staff told us those children there are without parents, single mother child, raped cases, abusive husband and most of them never come back to visit their children. There also have another home for single mom further up there, those moms after delivered their babies and they stayed there. The single moms are given counselling till one day they can face the society and Ti-Ratana will find a job for them too. My friend hiddenly taken some pics coz we afraid they don't allow us to take pics.
** I forgotten to add this.
Before we left, there is a 8mths old baby girl who are very cute and chubby has woke up. When we reached there, she was still sleeping and her tiny little fingers looks so cute. She was having her milk after she woke up. The maid just let the baby girl lie down and gave her to drink the milk herself. The maid even don't bother to put the pillow properly before put her lie down and hold the milk bottle to drink. Then I went over the cot and hold her head up and slip the pillow underneath. My friend went over and see the baby drinking her milk but all her milk also spilled out to her face. If our baby as young as 8mths old, we will feed her to drink the milk. How can a 8mths old baby feed herself, for sure all the milk will spill out.

When we stepped out from the home, there are some chidlren from the room window calling us "Jie Jie" means big sis. We really can't bare to say goodbye to those children. Then we followed the office lady back to the office to meet Christine. Christine has came back and sat down with us to tell us the homes conditions. Christine told us that they need a lot money to run the homes. Especially the babies section coz they needs disp diapers, milk powder and much more. Christine has given me a wish list, I hope that anyone who see my blog can give them a help if you can.

Wish List from Ti-Ratana
They used ANMUM coz is hypoallergic, all babies can drink.



4 Children sharing in one matress.

If you want to donate other items beside the above items, it can be used or new. You can deliver to the below address:-
Lot 16106, Jalan 13 B, Salak South Bahru (Desa Petaling), 57100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: +603-7988 1818, 7981 2121 Fax: +603-7988 1888
I have donated the 3% sales that we have gathered during X'mas Sale last year at my website to Ti-Ratana. Deep inside my heart, BABY SASHA N MOM would like to say thank you to all my generous clients. We wish you HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR, ALL THE BEST TO YOU & YOUR FAMILY!!!


Montessorimum said...

Thanks for sharing this. It brought tears in my eyes knowing the living condition of these poor children. I have always wanted to visit Tiratana but yet to have the chance. Once we moved back to KL, I hope I can offer some help there.

Baby Sasha N Mom said...

Is really true, I think when everyone see the actual situation also can't stand it. Ya, I hope more people like you can give a helping hands to them.

The children there needs our laughter. They are looking forward everyday that someone come to visit them.

So kind of you...thanks a lot!!!

allthingspurple said...

i am glad u put up this post Brenda. When i drop off Ashley's old stuff that time, i didnt think to go for a tour because i have my hand full with Ashley and kimberly and no maid at that time.

My heart went out to the poor baby who choke on his milk and the little girl thrown the food into the crib without compassion. You would have thought that the maids would have more compassions with orphans but hecks..why am i not suprised with those maids?

Baby Sasha N Mom said...

Is ok Christene, some of us don't have time then we can donate the stuff coz they really need a lot of baby items. When we have free time then we can go to visit them.

I think majorities of the maids are like that, they just come here to earn a living and they don't have the love for those babies even they are orphans.

Mommy to Chumsy said...

It brought tears to my eyes too. I would love to visit this TiRatana and donate some of the things to them. Thanks for sharing this and letting us know :)

Baby Sasha N Mom said...

Mommy to Chumsy, I would like to thanks to you. You are great. No problem, sharing this blog will help all the orphanage.