Thursday, February 28, 2008


On last week Monday, my uncle & aunty drove up to Cameron Highlands. My mom, younger sis and niece followed them and they stayed there till Wednesday. So I thought of meeting them on tuesday and I tried to book last minute for an apartment on Monday. Luckily I managed to book the apartment, then me, hubby, sasha and my maid went on Tuesday around 2pm.
We reached there around 6pm coz the road was too winding and narrow. My maid and myself can't take it, we felt giddy. Then hubby had to stopped the car twice for us to take some rest and take a deep breath when we got out the car. Sasha was so excited and asked her daddy to continue the journey. Hubby told Sasha that have to stop for a while coz mommy and kakak pengsan... I think Sasha will be thinking why mommy and kakak so lousy la.. She was so energetic and jumping here and there inside the car and we are like half dead fishes. Paiseh!!!
Then after 2 stops, we continued our journey till reached Ringlet. We saw there are pasar malam and those foods smell good coz we have winded down our window. All of us are hungry, so we bought fried carrot cake, dim sum, soya bean drinks to our apartment to eat after we check in. Another 20minutes drive we have reached Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands. We checked into the GreenHills Apartment, and Sasha loves the apartment coz she said so big and nice. Is cooling and cozy environment there too. Once we put down our bags, Sasha quickly sat on the dining chair and told me to eat. Hubby and I heard what she said and we laughed so loud coz once stepped in already said wanted to eat. I think the weather is cold that is why she is felt hungry so fast.
Later, I phoned to my sis and informed her that we have reached. They are having tea at Tea Plantation and we are having our fried carrot cake at our apartment. So we are quite full and we decided to have a late dinner around 7.30pm. I asked them to wait for us at HSBC Bank and we thought of bringing them to a restaurant that hubby and me went before. That was almost 8yrs back when we are still courting. When we lead them to the restaurant, we can't find the restaurant but we found another Nyonya Restaurant. We have saw this Nyonya Restaurant posted on Cameron website, people commented the foods are good. So all of us agreed to have a tried, the foods are good and the price are reasonable too.
After dinner, my uncle said wanted to visit our apartment. So we brought them to our apartment that we are staying. They love it so much and they said is nice and big compared to the one they are staying now. All of us sat down a while then we went to their apartment to have a look. They stayed at slightly hilltop apartment and I forgotten the apartment name, is a bit rundown inside but at least is clean. We hang around there till 12midnight, then we went back to our own apartment to sleep.
The next morning we met up at T-Cafe around 11am, over there is like a family cafe and I think is owned by Portugese people. Their foods are nice and price also reasonable. I love their scone with strawberry jam coz the jam very fresh. After bruch, my uncle asked us to follow them to the place selling a lot straberry souveniers. They bought a lot a day before we arrived, the worker there selling below retail price to them. But this time when my sis brought us there to buy again, the chinese lady don't want to sell lower coz she said the boss knew her hanky panky lol! So we didn't buy much coz the retail price is too high compare a shopping centre, not worth buying. Hubby bought a pink furry monkey for Sasha coz she told her daddy she love the monkey lol! Actually the monkey looks weird coz is pink color but Sasha loves it so much and told us the monkey is very nice like a baby. When we left the shop, my uncle with the rest of my family went straight home coz my uncle and aunt dropped them home at Kepong, they have to drive back to their home at Puchong.
Hubby, Sasha, me and maid continued walk around all the shops there. We bought a lot of flowers such as lavendars and roses. Hubby said since Valentine's didn't buy me flowers, then here he buy for me lol! He said is worth buying here coz so cheap like RM10 for 8 small bunches of lavendars and RM10 for few bunches of roses. I chose white roses coz I love white colors stuff. Then we bought some vegetables and dried strawberries. My maid told me she wanted to buy those dried straberries for her children when she goes back on this year July, so I bought 2 boxes for her children. Then we went to buy a lot of potted plants like morning glory flowers, morning stars flowers, and cili padi plants, and I am so happy that I managed to buy the plant that mosquito afraid off. I can't remember what is the plant name but I read it before. This plant is really difficult to find it in KL except I saw it here. So I bought 2 pots. I gave one pot to my mom coz her house a lot mosquito, and I noticed now I seldom see mosquito at her house. I told my cousin that I bought the plants to avoid mosquito, and so coincident that her friend's boyfriend staying in Cameron. So she asked her friend to help her to buy 6pots included I want another 2pots. The plant smell very nice and soothing, I plucked out some leaves and left inside my bedroom to avoid mosquito bitting Sasha.
So after there, we continue our journey to Strawberry Farm. The owner told us to go inside the farm to pluck the strawberry ourselves and take it out to him to weigh. Is RM15 for 1/2kg. Sasha and my maid love to pluck the strawberries, hubby and me also can't resist and when we pluck, we ate at the same time. We really enjoyed the moment there. When we came out to weigh, I bought 2 bottles of sugar free strawberry jam. It tastes good when the owner offered me to taste the jam. We continued our journey to look for Cactus Farm but I think we have missed it coz we can't see the farm when the way up. Then I told hubby we just followed the road and see whether had any other places to visit. We reached rose farm but I don't want to go in coz I afraid Sasha will touch the roses, the stalk had a lot of sharp points and is dangerous for young kid.
Then hubby drove till reached the Bharat Tea Plantation, there had a cafe served cupcakes and tea. There is a shop selling those teabags, we went in and bought few boxes for my dad, sis and uncle. We have our ice tea and Sasha and my maid have their cupcakes. Then we took some pics and sat down at the cafe a while. After that, we drove all the way back to KL.


Mommy to Chumsy said...

wow...after reading your post, i feel like going to cameron highlands now. haven't been there since ashley was born. Is the apartment expensive?

Baby Sasha N Mom said...

Hey! U should go..bring Ashley along and I think she will love it especially the cold weahter and the strawberry farm Is lovely when you see a lot of strawberries.

The apt is 3rooms, sleep 6 person. I get it very cheap coz thru membership. I hv member rent out to outsider too, if u want then I can get for u. Est RM100-150/nite.