Saturday, March 1, 2008


At my parent home, we have some used plastic chairs and tables where I bought it last time during I giving tuition to some children at my parent home after my work. After more than a year, I have stop teaching coz I have to travel overseas quite often for my work. So all the chairs and tables still stored at my parent home till now, almost 8yrs. Last 2 weeks, my mom suggested to me that she wants to donate all those furnitures to the handicapped home. I agreed too since we are not using it anymore, why don't we give to those needy homes.

So my mom called her babysitted boy parent's coz they have a lorry to transport the stuff. The boy father's, Mr. Lee agreed to help us to send the stuff. Then my mom called my 5th Uncle (My mom youngest brother) to help to load and unload the stuff. Everything was arranged and we have fixed the date to transfer the stuff by yesterday.

Yesterday around 11am, Mr. Lee came to my parent house with his lorry. My 5th Uncle, my dad, my maid, my younger sis and Mr. Lee helped to load all the stuff into the lorry. Is a lot of stuff such as chairs, tables, vacum cleaner, fan, clothing and more. It filled all up into the 3tons lorry. Then my younger sis, my mom and me drove a car, and my 5th Uncle followed Mr. Lee lorry. Mr. Lee drove his lorry follow us at the back coz they do not know the place.

When all of us reached the Taman Megah home, we helped to unload down the stuff with the help of staff and children from the home. After loaded all the stuff, my younger sis, my mom and me went inside the house to see the children. Mr. Baskin the manager there who in charge of the home, he told us the situation of those children and their operations.

Mr Baskin told us that there are total 130+ people from 1yr old to 53 year old. Most of them are chinese and indian. When we enter the house to make some donations, we saw more than 10 children lying on the floor. All of them can't move and their hands and legs are stiff due to the muscle and joint problem (cerebral palsy). They need the therapy to massage for them everday and if not their muscles will feel more stiff due to the blood circulation can't circulate smoothly. Worse come to worse, they will have constipation and vomiting.

One of the chinese girl also had this problem too evenhtough she can move but she has to use her hands and legs to crawl on the floor. She was so happy when seeing us enter the house, she crawl over to where I stand and used her hand to pat on my leg. She can't talk but she can understand what we said to her. My mom saw those cerebral palsy children and she was so pity on them and she cried out. The chinese girl was so caring, she crawl over to me, then she pat to me and point to me that my mom was crying. I was touched by the kind hearted little girl, eventhough she is disable and can't talk but she is more understanding, caring than a normal person.

After that I asked Mr. Baskin who is the boy who is sleeping inside the baby cot. He told me that the boy is blind and cerebral palsy too. He is 2yrs+ and is a chinese boy. When he came to the home, he was just 11months old chubby baby. That time he was brought here by his parents, after some time the father came and took the boy back. His father told Mr. Baskin that he and his wife wanted to take care of the boy themselves. Not many days later, when one of the helper went outside the house to throw rubbish, she saw a box was moving under the tree. She went nearer to have a look inside the box, suprisingly she saw the same boy who was taken back by his father few days ago who was inside the box. Actually they can bring the boy back to Mr. Baskin if they don't want the boy rather than just throw their son outside the home. The home are happy to welcome back any children if the parent don't want to accept them. I really don't know how can the parent have the heart to throw their son at roadside, if there are stray dogs and raining. Then what will happen to their son?

Mr. Baskin reported the case to the police that the boy was abandon at roadside. He requested on the newspaper that if the boy parents don't want the boy, please ask their relative to bring the boy birth certificate to the home. After sometime, the parent came to the home and they was arguing between each other in front of Mr. Baskin. Both of them complaining each other that due to they are heavy drinker, heavy smoker and not taking care their own health that is why their son ended up blind and cerebral palsy. Then few months later, the parent realised is their own fault who caused their son like this. The father and mom will come separately to visit their son now.

A lot of different cases on each children, majority of them are handicapped and disabled. Most of the handicapped and disabled children had no parents come to visit them coz their parents can't accept the fact that their child is handicapped and disabled. Now the home are accepting normal children from single parents or some of them without parents. The home had bought a land near SS3, PJ but they are short of fund to build a new and bigger home. Currently they need to collect RM620K within 3mths to pay for the progress building of the new home. A lot of their neighbour complaining too many children and is too noisy in a home at Taman Megah now. Once the new home at SS3 ready, so they can move some children to there.

I hope everyone who have read my blog, can give some donations to the home. They are sincere and caring to the children. I have visited them before, that time was almost 8yrs ago when the owner was still alive. The owner is also physically handicapped but he is a good hearted man who had helped a lot of children. I give a salute to him...

About the Home

The Pusat Penjagaan Kanak-Kanak Cacat Taman Megah (PPKKCTM), a company limited by guarantee, was incorporated in April 1997 to provide services for children with various types of disabilities by the late Mr. S.K. Manikumar who was himself physically handicapped... His vision was to provide an environment for the betterment of young disabled children, for their difficulties to be recognized and for them to be given a status in the society. He dedicated his life to the fulfillment of this vision. He passed away in a motor vehicle accident on 26.4.2006. Even on his last journey, he was on the road to raise funds for these children. His death came as a total shock and has left a huge void in the Pusat. In recognition of his services, he was posthumously awarded the Lifetime Humanitarian Award by the Hon. Prime Minister in December 2006.

There are 138 children (multi- racial) with various disabilities such as Down syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy, global delay, muscular dystrophy, speech, audio and vision impaired, dwarfism, apeth syndrome, neunan syndrome, slow learners, hyper active, physically challenged, intellectually disabled, and also under privileged children from broken homes. They range from the age of 1 years. There is even 53 year old woman. They come from all over the peninsula.

Pusat Penjagaan Kanak-Kanak Cacat Taman Megah
No. 2, Jalan SS24/10, Taman Megah,
47301 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Tel No: 603- 78061143 Fax No: 603-78051484

I would like to say thank you in advance to all of you who have help the Home.


princessno2 said...

i hate that when you said the parents throw their son outside the cruel and where are their hearts at the time when they put their son there?

allthingspurple said...

my sister used to live near there. she said that each time she drive past, there would be kids standing by the gate waving at her and other passer by

Baby Sasha N Mom said...

Ammie, you are right. I don't understand why the parents can do this to their own child. When you see the child, you really pity him. But the parents don't feel pity at all. The parents are brainless...

Christene, they are well trained and well behaved. They will called us, Aunty or Uncle when we are there. I hope that more people can give a helping hands to them.

shern's mom said...

oh, what a touching article you wrote. That parents who threw their kids there in a box is really heartless.

My Lovely 'A' said...

I hv tag u:

Baby Sasha N Mom said...

Shern's Mom, we love our child till everyone said we are pampered them. Now this parents can be so cruel to their child.

My Lovely A, Thanks for ur tag. I will do it asap.