Friday, September 26, 2008


Since I stop my last blog dated mid Aug, I have been resting at home due to my health problem. I have to charge up my batteries coz my exhibition was on 22nd-24th Aug. I'm really lucky coz during the 1st day of the show, my cough was not so irritated. I was fed up and eager to drink the longan drinks that sold at the Mid Valley LG Flr. So I asked my niece and her friend who helped me at the fair to go down to buy. After taken the longan drink, my cough get lesser too. The 2nd day I took 2x yam ice-cream then during evening time, my cough totally gone.

After seeing 6 doctors also can't cure but taking cold thingys and my cough was recovered. Really amazing and miracle...haha:)

I have a lot things to blog but also long time didn't blogging, feel lazy lol!

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