Friday, September 26, 2008



My youngest sis, Cecelia helping me to served the client

My youngest sis Cecelia, my niece and me

Sasha with Puku Petit Mascot.

My niece Ann and Sasha with her mouth full of ice-cream

Here are some pics to share with you guys during my participation in the Parenthood Exhibition. This is my 3rd time participated in this exhibition and I'm so lucky that my youngest sis and my niece helped me during the fair for this 3yrs too. For sure I can't missed out my hubby that helped me to set up and dismantle the booth too.

My hubby brought along Sasha, my mom and maid to the exhibition. Sasha really enjoyed playing around at my booth.

I'm so happy to see some of my clients who dropped by my booth to say "Hello" and some are so concern about my health and pregnancy too. They really give me very strong support too. Thank you so much!!!


jazzmint said...

looks like a big success for you :).

btw, care to share how much u paid for the booth and how was the response? Thinking of some advertising for my photography biz.

You interested to take newborn pics? Lemme know yah ;). Take care


Wish I knew about this exhibition earlier. And yeah, take good care and looking forward to pics of your little one.

Shern's mom said...

That was quite a success I see. Great! Take care and do not overwork yourself.

Baby Sasha N Mom said...

Thanks 2 u guys..:)

Jazzmint, you can email me at about the expo and also I want to know the charges for taking the newborn pics.

Family First, thanks for dropping by my blog. I will post my lil one's after I deliver, haha..:)

Shern Mom, my hub always complained I overworked too. I used to carry all the cartons up and down to find my stock lol! When I'm into work, I totally forgotten my big tummy, muahaha..:)