Saturday, December 6, 2008


DH was so good, last minute rushed to Bangsar to make the Fullmoon wordings for decoration at our Pegola. DH did the deco himself...hahaha..:) really a good dad to his lil princess.

Lil Baby Jelly Cake ordered from Q-Jelly. Thanks to Christene for her idea but too bad she didn't turn up lol!

Happy Family. Sasha looks fabulous with her lavendar tutu skirt.

Me with my 2 princess

Baby Myra in her pink tutu skirt. She looks so cute...:)

I almost forgotten the jelly cake, almost everyone left then I only remembered to take out the cake to blow.

Our new house living room view

We celebrated our baby Myra fullmoon party with conjunction of our new house warming party too (2 in 1) since we just moved in 2mths ago before I delivered Myra.

We invited more than 100pax, DH was busy entertained those guest, Sasha was busy playing with all the kids in her playroom and I am busy bringing those guest to see my little sleeping beauty, haha..:)
We really overjoyed coz a lot of long lost friends also attended our party. Few of my buddies and their hubby stayed till 4am while drink beer and chatting with my DH outside our house. I bring Sasha and Baby Myra to sleep around 2am coz really exhausted lol!

I really impressed with my 2 Lil Princess coz the tutu skirts they wore was eye catching among all the guest. All my guest praised both of them for looking fabulous and cutie. I would like to thank to Jess (kidsislands.blogspot) for helping me to sew these 2 lovely tutu skirts.. If anyone want to make those tutu skirt, can check out Jess blog.

Here are some pics to share..:)


Jess said...

Sasha look great in her tutu suit!

The jelly cake is cute too!

Happy Fullmoon, Myra!

Mommy to Chumsy said... nice to see photos of your baby. wow...the tutus on the 2 girls are lovely!!!

allthingspurple said...

sob sob sob. I missed the party !! wat to do ,had to visit hubi's aunt and was back too late. sigh..

chanelwong said...

Happy 1 month old.....

Hazel said...

wow, the fullmoon jelly cake is really nice.Can i ask u something? i would like to buy a cloth diaper but still need more information.can u help?

Shern's mom said...

Those tutu skirts are too cute. I so envy parents with daughters. How I wish my next baby will be a girl.

Anyway, Happy Fullmoon Baby Myra..

Baby Sasha N Mom said...

Thank you all the aunties, Luv Myra..:)

Jess, thanks so much for your tutu creation. Ya, the lady fr the cake hse was so nice and she changed the baby suit to pink color for my baby girl where supposed is fixed with blue color suit only on the jelly cake.

Mom to Chummys, haha...lovely but Sasha is cheeky and Myra is cranky lol!

Christene, yalo.. too bad you can't come. I know Kim and Ashley will be dissapointed coz that nite there are a lot of kids. They play with those toys at Sasha playroom.

Thanks Chanel and your bf advise too. I will keep it up..:)

Hazel, if you want to know about CD, pls email me at and you can find my contact no. at my site too,

No worry, sure you will get your next bb girl. I luv bb girl a lot coz I can decorate them, haha...:) I'm a bad mommy ya?