Saturday, January 3, 2009


Sasha with her baby doll and me with my baby Myra...:)

DH, me and with our 2 lil dd. Sasha said she has one more lil sis, her babydoll Sydney (the name given by her)

Sasha with her babydoll Sydney blowing the cake (the babydoll gift given by her daddy)

My Family

Sasha with her popo (my mom)

Sasha treat her babydoll like real baby. Feeding her milk when baby said she hungry.

Sasha with her baby

My yonger sis Cecelia, Me, My mom and my eldest sis Audrey

Whole Family dinner at De Canter Restaurant

Sasha with her cousin (my eldest sis daughter) and their kong kong (my dad)
Lil Myra sleeping during our dinner at the Restaurant

DH with his princess Sasha

This year Christmas, we have our newbie (my baby Myra) to join in the family. Baby Myra is DH and my special christmas gift this year too, haha..:) We went out for dinner at De Canter Restaurant at Damansara Heights. My uncle (my mom younger bro) and 3 of us sisters give our parent a dinner treat.

After dinner we went back to my parent house to have 2nd round. My younger sis received a champagne christmas gift from her German boss and a very special cake from her Macau colleague, so she brought along to our parent house to give us a treat. My hub brought some red wine, fruity sparkling juice and junk food too.

Sasha was so excited and pastering me to let her open all the christmas gift once we reach my parent house. She also helped to open up those gift that given to her lil sis, Myra. Sasha got her biggest christmas gift from her daddy, which is a Baby Doll that can talk with facial expression too. She chose this christmas gift herself coz she saw it on the TV commercial. It cost RM259, DH really pamper his elder dd so much. DH bought Myra a Winnie the Pooh music toy, which is much cheaper. I told DH that he is so bias lol! DH told me baby Myra still young, later when she grows then he will buy anything she wants too.


Mommy to Chumsy said...

oh what a lovely celebration. Sasha looks so pretty and Myra is so adorable.

Wow, her baby doll is so expensive *gasps*

Happy 2009 to you and your family :)

allthingspurple said...

hey, a happy new year !!

YOur Sasha is growing more and more beautiful each day. and Myra looks like a miniature of Sasha !

Dad Danny, Mom Brenda, Sis Sasha & Baby Myra said...

Thanks Chumsy Mom. Your Ashley looks lovely too. No envy ya..:) My DH going to spoilt his dd lol!

Thanks Christene. Yaya..a lot people said Myra looks alike Sasha during baby.

Bonnie said...

Sasha is getting more and more pretty each day.. and Myra looks cute too..

both Sasha & Mrya is lucky to have a daddy who loves them so much..

Baby Sasha N Mom said...

Hi Bonnie! Thanks for your compliments. Their daddy pampered them to much, now not afraid of her daddy at all..