Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Contributors List

Computers donated by people

Mr. Praveendran, the person set up the homes.

The children study inside the cabin donated by someone

Ms. Thila the volunteer adminstrator from the Homes. Jenny helping me to pass the cheque to her.

Jenny's daughter, Vivian and her friend Aaron.

Praveendran brother helping at the homes.

Thanks Jenny for helping me to send the used stuff and cheque to Sinthamani Home. I would like to thanks to all my friends and family members for their donations too. Here are some pic to share that taken by Jenny.
Yesterday I have received more used stuff for the kids from my friend Jennifer. I am so happy that more friends called me up that they want to send some stuff to the homes too.


Swiss Palma said...

Thanks for your relentless support in helping the poor. You are the best mom too!

Keep it up Brenda. Cheers!

Baby Sasha N Mom said...

Jenny, you are most welcome. I hope I can do more than that coz is really pitiful seeing those orphanage without parents around. Our kids are so lucky coz they have us around to pamper, share and play with them.

Haha..:) I feel paiseh lol! OK! Both of us have to keep up to be a best mom and also support in helping the poor.