Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Is a backdated post coz these few weeks was so busy with my newbie Myra. Sasha was ready on her 1st day to kindy. Since I have shifted to Tropicana Indah, I sent her to Kindyland at Tropicana Golf Club. I have surveyed 7 kindies and found out this kindy is the best among all.

Hahaha..:) I'm kiasu mom lol coz done I have so many survey but no choice. I was being a kindy teacher few years back, so I knew the hanky panky behind those kindy. They can tell you how good about their syllabus, their teachers, facilities and etc.. Yet you have to observed and make a comparison when you check out all of them. Eventhough I can't guarantee this is the best for long term, yet the kindy is just 1year established but the syllabus is from US and the environment is clean. The food is cater by the club too, at least not too bad. The most important the kindy is clean then kids seldom falls sick.

Sasha was reluctant to go inside her classroom when on the 1st day coz she saw that all are new friends. Last year she did went to a kindy at my previous home, she attended 3mths there coz I need to shift to here. She asked me why her friends from previous kindy are not here at the new kindy. After talked to her awhile, she has warm up and settled down inside the classroom. She followed her teacher to sing and do coloring.

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~ ShinY's Life ~ said...

Hey, I saw your blog when browsing through some kindies searches...

Can I know, the Tropicana Kindy, does they have any nursery? I am planning to send my son there maybe next year...

Thanks for sharing!!

Alesia said...

Hi there!

We checked out Kindyland today and we were pretty impressed by its clean environment and of course by the convenience and security of the area. However as I was approaching the kindy, I happened to witness an unpleasant event regarding one of the teachers.

A few kids were getting ready for golf training session and there was this girl who was kinda struggling to wear her shoes and the teacher were rushing her and saying things like forever so slow etc. I was taken back by the attitude of the teacher who turned out to be the principal, Serena. My husband and I were put off by her behaviour but conflicted because we really like the kindy. And most importantly, my daughter loves the place, she mingled with the teacher and kids with ease.

Since you send your daughter there and you're a kindergarten teacher once, any feedback on the teachers?

Really appreciate if you can give us some opinions on this. Many thanks

Alesia :)

Christine said...

Hi!im quite interested in the Kindyland your daughter still there? How do you find the school?? btw she's really pretty and sweet...:)