Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Rice with grill chicken, vegetables and fish ball cut into pieces
Bento Set & Miso Beancurd Soap for Sasha Dinner

Sasha enjoying her bento dinner after her swimming

My 2nd Bento creations that LZmommy wanted to see, I really paiseh. Haha..:) My bento is so simple coz this Sasha's mommy is very lazy la...


LZmommy said...

You are so humble :) Thanks for posting it, it looks great! With all those accessories you bought recently, I'm sure I will see more of the bentos :)

Baby Sasha N Mom said...

LZmommy, yesterday when I unpacked all my new bento kits and I was thinking to myself when I'm going to start my new creations.

Now I''m thinking to teach my maid to do bento breakie for Sasha to bring to preschool. Then I no need to wake up so early, muahaha..:)