Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Sasha get ready in the lift with her tools

Sasha said she is a duck swimming in the pool, haha..:)

Sasha learning to swimMy maid is teaching Sasha how to swim

Today DH went outstation and called back to inform that he will not be back for dinner. So I asked my maid not to cook coz only Sasha, my maid and me having dinner only. Since my maid no need to cook dinner, I asked her to bring Sasha to swim at out Apartment pool.

I went down together too but I didn't swim coz as you know I'm preggy, very heavy la, furthermore I don't know how to swim. Soak inside can la...haha :) I brought my camera to snap some pics for Sasha.


Sasha said...

wah yr maid is good! can jump in and teach sasha how to swim also. Eh u baru how many months so heavy edi ah ? I'm like a hippo now cannot move much. *sigh*

Baby Sasha N Mom said...

Haha..:) my maid is a good swimmer. Last time I also asked her to teach me to swim. I'm 5mths 2 wks pregnant now, as you know I'm big size b4 preggy and now more big lol!