Thursday, July 3, 2008


Thanks for LZMommy for tagging me and I received the same tagged again from Christene. So I told Christene that I will do it together, "One stone kills 2 birds". She said I'm a lazybone..haha..:). OK, dokie I will post 2 pics since 2 pretty mommies tagged me at the same time

Actually I have a story behind, I got a really bad backache striked me last mth till now haven't recovered. I went to consult my gynae and he gave me some medication but after finished the 5days course, I can't continue again due to I'm pregnant. My gynae advised me not to sit too long in front of my laptop to work due to I sit on the cushion (tatami style) and my laptop is on Sasha toys box. So there is no back support, that is why I have to take care my back posture when sitting.

Nowadays I have to work lesser on my laptop coz DH always eyeing on me when I sit more than 1/2hrs. That is why I can't blog that often like last time...

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Rules :
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I think I'm not tagging anyone...


LZmommy said...

Thanks for doing the tag :) These 2 are very nice pics of Sasha & you and I like the second one best.

No wonder I don't see you blogging so often... You take care ya...

Baby Sasha N Mom said...

I'm so sorry for delaying the tag. Yes, the 2nd pic I took at Cameron Highlands. It was so cooling and our mood are good too, that is why the pic is nice. Muahaha..

Yup, sometimes I do all the blogs at one go.. can't blog so often anymore or else the backache attack again.