Thursday, July 3, 2008


Bento 3: Dry noodles rolled up in My Melody Bento Box

Bento 4: Hello Kitty Japanese Pancake & Chicken Burger

Bento 5 (Prepared by my maid): Chicken Burger

Here are my lousy and simplest bento box Part 3 & 4 that I prepared for Sasha last few 2 weeks and today my maid prepared bento box Part 5 for Sasha, not bad ya..hehe:). I just tell her how to do simple bento coz I also not feeling very well on my backbone during this 2nd trimester.

Normally I don't put any vegetables coz Sasha only like few types of vegetables. So my bento is the simplest where I just used nice bento box and accessories as decoration. If my maid can prepare bento, next time she can always prepare bento for Sasha. So Sasha will have better appetite to eat more food.

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