Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I just came back from S'pore shopping trip, I managed to buy some Hello Kitty & Friends Lunch Boxes at Isetan. Beside that I have asked my cousin to help me buy some bento accessories such as food separator, dish cup, mould and more from Hong Kong coz she went there last week.

I have imported some new bento accessories from Japan that coming soon this week too. That will be selling at my online store.


LZmommy said...

Wow! Looking at both your posts, you definitely bought lots of stuffs from S'pore! :)

May I have the addy of your online store please?

allthingspurple said...

wah..so many stuff. You must be getting high from all those shopping. ha ha. Will you be bringing Hello Kitty stuff from Singapore too?

Baby Sasha N Mom said...

LZmommy, my online store wwww.babysashanmom.com. Do check out when you free. Haha..:) is quite a lot of stuff I bought fr S'pore. I planned to go there on end Aug again.

Christene, I think nola..coz all those Hello Kitty stuff which I bought are from Isetan. It's so costly each item, such as My Melody Backpack cost around RM90. How to sell it here?