Sunday, February 8, 2009


My indon maid wants to go home after working 5yrs with me. So I hired a cambodia maid from my friend who is an agent. The maid arrived on 20th Jan 2009, before my indon maid leave on 17th Feb 2009. So my indon maid can teach the cambodia maid to do all the housework coz the camb can speak malay. My indon maid told me that the camb maid is very good, work fast and obedient too. Everyone in my family like her so much included myself and DH. DH gave her a lot t-shirts, my elder sis gave her all her outsized yoga pants where is very new and I bought her some lingeries and brought her to cut her hair again coz her hair was cut by the cambodian agent and it looks awful.

When she just came, she has some cough and I gave her cough syrup. After a few days later she has flu too. DH went out to bought her some flu & antibiotic medicine. I gave her multi-vits too. That time was during 3rd days of CNY, I sent her to my parent house coz I afraid she passed the illness to Sasha and Myra. During her stays at my parent there, her flu recovered very slow. My youngest sis went to clinic to buy her some good med for flu. Another day later, my elder sis went to the clinic again to buy the flu med again coz her flu don't have much improvement. My elder sis even told the Dr. that she needs a good and not sleepy flu med, expensive also nevermind. You guys see, how good everyone treating her..

Suddenly one tuesday morning, my indon maid told me the new cambodia maid told her she missed her mom and want to go home after working for me 13days. I have no time to talk to the new maid coz I'm rushing out about 9am to meet up a client, I called up the agent and she promised me to bring her back to counsel.

When I came back at 12pm after fetching Sasha from Kindy, my indon maid told me when I went out at 9am, the camb maid was sitting at the kitchen idling till I came home at 12pm. My indon maid doesn't dare to ask her to do anymore housework after I went out coz the camb maid looks so fierce and abnormal. She afraid the camb maid will gone mad and hurt baby Myra and her coz left both of them with the camb maid at home only. My indon maid told me that morning when they woke up at 6am, the camb maid already not doing anything till my indon maid asked her why not doing the housework as usual.My indon maid told me she observed that the camb maid toothbrush and others things had packed up. She quickly hide the house key coz she suspect the camb maid intend to runaway. She replied my maid that she don't want to work anymore. She do halfway the work then just left the pail inside the room, then sit down at the kitchen again til 9am, when I gone out and she sat there again. She asked my indo maid whether she told me that she don't want to work anymore. My indon maid said she already told me and I'm very mad. Then the camb maid just idle around at the kitchen again without saying anything to my indon maid. The camb maid suddenly came out again and asked my indon maid to give her the house key coz she wants to collect back the clothing outside. My indon maid said I took the key coz is still early around 10am, the clothes just hangout aroud 8am and why want to collect back.

So I quickly went to question the camb maid why she wants to go home since we treat her so well. She sarcastically answered me that she missed her mom, and shows me her ignorance face and "jeling mata" too. I was damn angry and my blood pressure shoot up till my head, going to burst too. I asked her so many times why want to go home, she just ignore me. She keeps on saying "Saya mahu balik, rindu mama". I told her when you came that night, you already promised me that you not going to tell me one day you missed your mom and you wanted to go home. She promised said she not going to go home till 2yrs later coz her mom already recovered from illness and now plan to come to M'sia to work too. I warned her earlier coz she came here on 2007 and just worked 3mths and gone back Cambodia. I asked her why last time just came 3mths, she told me her mom sick but actually is not true. So now I roughly knows why..sigh la!

She keeps on standing there and not moving to do the housework, told me she wants to go home. I told her that your home is not just beside our house and you can't go home as you wished. I told her I spent so much paying to agent to hire you and now you want to go home. She ignored me again, I really pissed off.. I called up the agent and told the agent about her. The agent asked me to pass the phone to her coz she wants to talk to the camb maid. She replied me said "Saya tak mahu cakap, saya tak tahu cakap". I told the agent that she don't want to talk to you and you also overheard what she replied to me. The agent insisted to speak to her again, and the camb maid repeated the same answer. The agent has no choice, and tell me she will called her hub to come immediately to pick up the maid due to the maid stubborness.

I told my indon maid to check the camb maid bag before she leaves our house. So my indon maid and the camb maid sitting on the floor to check those clothings. She asked my indon maid whether she can take one piece of yoga pant that my sis gave her. My indon maid said can't coz you are going back to agent there. She replied my indon maid sarcastically with the sounds "Huh". My maid told her to change back her own shirt coz she wearing the shirt that we gave her. She replied loudly and said "Ambil baju saya"... I was so mad and told her off that this shirt is given by us coz you are our maid, and now you are not my maid so you are not deserve to have our things. She replied me and said "baju ini madam Audrey bagi saya, bukan awak". I told her Madam Audrey is my sis, why I can't take back the clothes she gave you.

She went to the toilet and change back her own clothes, then when she came out she just threw the shirt that she wore on the floor. Then she held on all the angpow, I told her to give back since you don't want to work for me. She said "Ini wang saya, orang bagi saya". I told her that people give you coz they knew you are my maid but now you are not my maid so you have to take out all the things we gave. She insisted don't want to give back the angpow, I told her if you not going to take out then you don't need to go back agent there. She thought awhile, then threw all the angpow on the floor.

My blood pressure shoot up till exceeded limit when she threw the clothes and angpow on the floor. She dared to fight back and told me that "Ambil wang saya, ambil baju saya". I asked her to pick up all the angpow and the shirt, she ignored me and sat down there only. I screamed at her to pick up and she ignored me again. I'm look so idiotic like talking to the wall...really sigh!

After awhile, the agent hub came and the camb maid was sitting on the floor near the front door there. The camb maid can change 360 degree, once she saw the agent hub, she greeted him "Petang, Sir" in a polite way. I asked the agent hub to look at the floor where she threw the shirt and angpow coz I asked my indon maid no need to clean up and let the agent hub has a look himself. The agent hub asked her to clean up, she quickly went and clean up. The agent hub asked her "kenapa buang atas lantai", she replied "apa itu buang". She knows what is the meaning of "buang" coz we always asked her to "buang sampah" but she can pretend she don't understand. She even dared to tell the agent hub that we checked her bag just now, that is why all the things scattered on the floor. I told her off what you meant by the things scattered on the floor, we just checked your clothing. Those on the floor is threw by you. She kept quiet and looks so innocent coz the agent hub is around. I told the agent hub that I'm not going to take back this maid coz she knows how to fight back. I can tolerate if the maid said missed home like my indon maid just came last time but not the maid who knows how to fight back.

The agent hub brought her back and the agent called me later. She said the maid didn't said she wants to go home, she just told her that she don't want to work for me. The reason was Sasha scolds her, I laugh out till my tears also came out. I told the agent did you believe a 4yrs old kid scold her that is why she don't want to work. I told the agent is better she tells you that I scold her then I think people will believe it. She always told me she don't understand what Sasha's talks coz Sasha speaks english mixed with malay. I only let her do all the housework all the time, my indon maid is helping me take care Sasha and baby Myra sometimes. The camb maid just standing there to observe coz I don't want her to take care since she so new. She seldom closed to Sasha, then how Sasha scolds her. Now I realised why she said like that after I told her case to all my friends. Everyone told me they suspect my camb maid having mental problem. No wonder in 2007 she came here 3mths and she said her mom is sick, then after her mom recovered, she should gone back to her employer coz she said her employer is pregnant but she didn't. I know she was kicked back by the previous agent due to her mental problem.

Now the agent told me she counsel the camb maid already, asked me want to take her back. I told her I don't want her coz I suspect her got mental problem, the worst thing is she dared to fight back. I'm not going to put a time bomb at my home where I have 2 lil kiddos around. Is too dangerous and risky, I rather loose out the money. Eventhough the agent is my friend, once about money. No negotiating!!! Either I take back the camb maid or I pay RM2K again for hire a new camb maid again from her. I told her off, if you were me, are you going to take back the nuts maid? You have 4 kids, if you dare to take the risk then you can have the maid yourself since your indon maid also going home.

After several arguments about the camb maid, she agreed to give us back partially. She wants us to bare the FOMEMA, Permit & Levied that we agreed, Air Ticket RM850 and maid salary RM25/day where her actual salary is RM580/mth only that which we are not agreed. At last she told me to bared 1/2 of RM850 but I also not agreed coz she is giving this maid to another friend of mine to try. She will charge that friend the air ticket again once she confirmed my rejected camb maid. This is what friends are for....taking advantage on me and others. I only agreed to bare 1/2 of the actual air ticket where is RM163 only.

Now I'm waiting for this agent friend to come on tuesday to return me all the balance. I will asked her to sign the letter of transfer ownership to protect myself from any liability of my maid. Thanks to a lawyer friend's of mine for her advise. Hopefully my nightmare will ends here...


Mommy to Chumsy said...

oh boy. sorry to read about the crazy maid. luckily you don't want her anymore. i hope your agent friend return the money to you. guess this mad maid will be pushed to another family :(

Baby Sasha N Mom said...

Mommy to Chumsy, thanks for your concenr. I really regretted to get a mad maid, luckily I get rid of her earlier before something happen on my 2 lil kiddos.

Haiya! My agent friend has returned me the $ but she showed me her sour face lol! Like I owed her tons of $$$$

Yes, the agent friend pass 2 another friend of us. As I mentioned "Thats what friend are for". Now I can see her true face, at least earlier than later.

Sasha said...

eee yr fren is taking yr rejected maid ah.. better tell her about this nut case man..

Baby Sasha N Mom said...

My friend trusted our agent friend rather than me, she don't bothered to call me even though she knew I used before. All my other friends asked me don't need to tell her since this friend trusted the agent friend so much. Let her "kena paku" wo...

Annie Q said...

Aiyo, really crazy la this maid. Lucky, she show her "true color" in two weeks time, if no the longer she is with you the more scary she is!!

How your agent friend can pass your maid to other friend again lei, when they know she got this "crazy" problem. This is what i don't like about agent, they are just care about money, and don't care how other people get the maid. I told myself, i will post my maid picture on the blog after she left, i will warn everyone for not getting her, knowing that if she go home, if she want to come again, the agent will take her again, even with so many complain from us. *sigh*

But i thought when we get the maid for the first few months, their salary is paid in advance? And actually we can change within one or two months time if we not satisfy with the maid service?? So are u getting any maid? Cambo again? So now ur old maid already gone back?

Haih! Maid maid we always said, got maid we headache, no maid we also headache.

Take care, hope u got the new and good maid soon!!

Baby Sasha N Mom said...

Hi Annie, ya lol! luckily she shows her true color now or else I also don't know that I have a bombshell with me. Doesn't know when she will blast too, haha..:)

All the agent wants to make money, they don't care whether we are their friend or not. She doesn't admit that the maid is mad, that why she still will pass around to our friend or her client.

Is true as you said that if the maid worked less than a mth, we are entitle to replace a new maid without any charges. Yet my agent friend wants to charge us extra RM2K for a replacement. So I rather loose out about RM1K for the mad maid and take back all my balances. Earlier she wants to forfeit us
RM2K but we fight so hard to ask her to reduce to RM1K.

Yes, is really headache without a maid when my 2nd one is still young. But if take another mad maid again, I rather struggle to have maidless.

Luckily now my indon maid promised to work till her permit expired on July, after that mayb I will take a part time cleaner coz phobia on maid issue.


Yet another horror maid story be it Indon or Camb. Really scary and more scary when you have to leave your kids with them all alone. I am moving soon to my new house but I will do without a maid. I dont mind a not-so-clean house but I mind a not-so-save home. Thanks for sharing.

Baby Sasha N Mom said...

Yup, now a lot of terrible and bad quality maid. I agreed with you rather to have our kids are safe than have a clean house.

When my indon maid goes back, I also thought of taking part time cleaner only. At least I have lesser problem to worry eventho is tiring taking care of 2 kids and doing households.

KittyCat said...

Wah, your maid sounds really rude ya! She speaks pretty good BM though for a Cambodian.

Sorry that your maid agent friend didn't turn out to be such a good friend after all. Hopefully, your other friend realizes that she has an odd maid on her hands soon.

But you know what? Sometimes, people we find kooky turn out on perfectly well for others. I know many babysitters I wouldn't recommend to friends yet they bug me for the numbers even after I repeatedly tell them I would NOT leave any kid in their care!

How are you doing now??? Your old Indon maid sounds like a real help to you :)

Sue said...

How are you now? I was having maid's problem 1 years ago. My 1st maid went back after working for us for 2 years. after that we can't seems to get one good one, change from maid to maid to maid till in the end I got a crazy Indon maid. The Process and stressfulness and angry, disappointment was about the same as what you have gone tru. Geram.... The final one also stubborn, refuse to work for me, reason, she want to work in a factory. Negotiation fail, nice talk also fail, end up she commit suicide in her room taking dettol form bath. Tak mati, pretend only, I called the police and ambulance to get her out of my house. She work for me for only 5 days. From there on, I really phobia with maids. I stop working, taking care of the house and my children (2 of them). Today though of having a cambodia maid for a try. But see your post I takut again. Ada also susah, tak ada also susah.

cheaperbooks said...

I was just thinking of getting a Cambodian maid until i read this. I had an Indon maid 2 yrs ago who was diff to control because she was in her late 30's. Looks like better to take part-timer rather than a mental case to live-in wit u.

Su said...

I engaged a cambodian maid thru 'P agency' in old klang road and d maid arrived in late jan 2010.

i sent my 17 mths old daugter to nursery and left d maid to do housework at home.

In many occassions, work was done partially and not finished. i live in a condominium and i always wonder whether the work load is too much? But my property is a condominium, she is only serving me and my daughter, why that is heavy load to her?

Between, my blue jeans pant missing and found again bf and aft my oversea trip, find it very strange as i searched thru the whole wardrobe for three times before i packed to leave for oversea.

Later on, always find some of the clothing or household items missing but did not check in details and thought that it might be inside the cupboard or somewhere.

One fine morning, the cambodian maid ran away from my home with a Samsonite suitcase and my handbag,cash, branded clothings including pjamas, panties, jewelleries, new handphone, mirror, new toothbrush and toothpaste, new towel and etc.

U can see her photo and how she ran away in u tube by the title of 'Cambodian maid ran away', her name is meng sun heng.

I believe she is working in malaysia now as a maid at home or either coffee shop.

The 'P....Agency' did not compensate us at all on the total loss of RM4000 plus but replaced a new camb maid.

The new camb maid always request to be sent back to agency and want to change madam. Finally we gave up on her and decided to return to the agency.

The agency refused to refund the agency fees even is within 3 months, they told us that it is a contract between the maid and us, their duty is to help applying and bridging.Nothing much they can do except counselling.

What do u think? u dare to accept a half-hearted maid especially with a young daughter at home? Even after counselling, who can be sure that d maid can change and take a risks?

kang said...

Wow...this is interesting..something similar to the maid my parents hired but this one does not fight in front, this one show u temper.

My maid is like the "boss" right now here and she is damn free. When asked to do something she does it half way..

Even slept on my parents's bed before and a few more other things... After that my parents were like very carefree and such.

There cases where when we complain about somethings about her and caught her, they treated it as nothing and told us not to bother her.

Later on, our aunts said that the maid herself told them that before she came here to work, her mom took her to see a "bomoh" at her place. Though she never stated look for the "bomoh" there for what reason.

Then..we traced back before she lied on my parents's bed that time..and after it happened. You can say we think too much...but i feel like my parents have been charmed or some way like that..

She even asked my aunts to buy her handbags, clothes,rings and what not. Till the extend asking indirectly to one of my aunt stating that my aunt should buy this and that for her daughter.

I personally don't feel safe having her around..Just don't know what to do.

Ayl Aziz said...

This is scary. I have used about 20 mad indo maids. My last indo maid lari last Tuesday midnite with her married boyfren and she is actually married too and now I am trying my luck on a cambodian maid. She will be here this Wednesday. And this camb maid does not speak Malay nor English. We'll be just like ayam and itik talking. I myself will be training her everything about the housework, even how to use the toilet (and flush). Wish me luck....

Maid no more said...

Yes, i'm having a combodian maid too, they are stangest creature on earth and ugreatfull. show face, choosy with food, slow in work , act stupid, deaf and half blond...I can't tolerate anymore beside their lies and they are no different than snake...

Hinon said...

Due to Indonesia govt banned to send maids here, I got CB maid. UNDERAGED, A HARD-CORE LIAR, REBELLIOUS, VERY LAZY, REPEATS SAME MISTAKES in her Work for 6 mths ,UNTEACHABLE,Tried to hv Nepalese Boyfrd here,DIRTY..dirty laundry water from soaking panties etc NOT THROWN off for 1 week; dirty used plates not washed for days), NOT Locking Doors/Gate.CANNOT cook 100% except goreng telor= me & my husband eat out DAILY for the last 6 mths. Damp clothes she folded in, so become smelly.LAZY..Looking forward to new Indon Maid coming to me after Chinese N.Yr. GOod Riddance to this CB maid. I had Indon maids for the last 25 yrs, GREAT; a few were slightly harder to learn but teachable.

Bob Draper said...

I can't believe what I'm reading here. I'm a black male from the USA, and the way you talk about the Cambodian people, reminds me of slavery. I now live in Cambodia and find the people and culture much different from mine in the USA. What everyone here must understand, it's the culture not the people. I find Cambodia 50 years behind the USA in lifestyle, but I deal with it and understand as most of you here must do. So please next time you think your Cambodian maid is doing something that seems odd, explain to them in a very nice way, let me show you how I would like it done. I think then you will get more out of them. Just imagine you being in the USA and not knowing the culture and having people look at you in a funny way, when you do something that you think is ok. I think you would like to have someone tell you nicely that this is not accepted , then to have someone look at you like you should know better. Good luck and may your future maids work out for you.

Working mom said...


I hope one day u have the chance to stay in Malaysia or Singapore, employ a so called foreign maid by us, leave your young kids or grand kids with them. Wish u luck if u ever have to do so.

Just think of the riot in their home country. U think they r good natured people n we r not?

Working mom said...


I hope one day u have the chance to stay in Malaysia or Singapore, employ a so called foreign maid by us, leave your young kids or grand kids with them. Wish u luck if u ever have to do so.

Just think of the riot in their home country. U think they r good natured people n we r not?